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Real Environmental Change is So Needed in Our Thinking, Mindset, Attitudes, and Concern For Others!

Global Warming and Climate Change have been frequent phrases used over these past few years, and in various places there has almost been a panic. We hear of National Leaders using words like Saving the Planet, as if there was anything any man could do to save, rescue or prolong what Almighty God has created.

This is a time for not being afraid. Everything is being shaken – climate – moral – spirituality – the banks – investments – the Money Market. This is exceedingly serious.

Three times we read in the Word of God – in the Old Testament and in the New Testament too – that this present world will perish – that it will wear out like a garment – and that God will roll it up like a worn out jacket that is ready for discarding and dispense with it. Of course, we also read that there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and it will all be very much centred on Jerusalem.

Now, this is not a crank creed or extremist belief. This is mainstream Bible revelation.

Yes, there is a dilemma in as much as we wonder what we are to do just now, and that is where helping the poor and ministering to the poor is vitally important.

Invest in the poor. Invest in ministries that minister to the poor. Having been in Uganda and Kenya over these past years, and having recently returned from Kenya and from the poorest parts of Nairobi and Kisumu and Bungoma, there has been a slight degree of comfort in the knowledge that we have been able to give a little to alleviate the plight of those who are truly poor.

Normally, when we say we have nothing in our pockets, there might be a few Pounds or a few Dollars in our pockets, but when they say they have nothing the have NOTHING!

Jesus Christ was committed to all types of people and came to save sinners – those who were rich and those who were poor – but He gave us the task of caring for and looking after the poor, knowing that we will never be able to complete that task. That will not be completed until Jesus Christ returns.

Yes, we have to be concerned about our carbon footprint but we must not get all this out of proportion. We will not save and rescue the planet, and there is no point in praying against what the Word of God dictates will happen one day.

And yes, much of the suffering among the poor is caused by man’s sin.

There is plenty of food in the world, but man will not share it as he ought to – nor will he permit the relief agencies to do what they can.

There are millions who could be helped within two or three months with food, water, and medicine, if only those in Governments would permit people with a heart for the poor to work and serve and use their talents and energies in a positive productive manner.

Having done that, man can then start to work on the drainage and sewers, and mosquito nets for all who need one!

Injustice is one root cause of so much suffering, coupled with greed, corruption and rebellion.

And, we do not have to look at Africa to see this clearly. It has been on-going in the banks and insurance companies and the big commercial concerns over these past years and all this is coming to light just now. Jesus Christ taught that everything which was done in secret would one day be shouted from the house tops – and that is happening too.

The problem is not the icecaps but the cold calculating corruption in the hearts of men. Environmental abuse begins in the heads and minds of selfish self-centred man.

And yes again, we will do whatever we can to minister to the poor, which includes challenging those poor souls who have creamed of Millions and even Billions of Pounds and Dollars.

Do they not believe that one day they will have to stand before the Judgement Seat of Almighty God and answer for their words, their deed and decisions.

Yes – make a difference. Do what you can to challenge those who have made such a mess of things and get them to clean up their comfortable lives and their distorted thinking and demonstrate such repentance by serving the poor and ministering to their needs.

Sandy Shaw.

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Children’s Panel in Scotland, and has travelled extensively over these past years teaching, speaking, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 visits to Israel conducting Tours and Pilgrimages, and most recently in Uganda and Kenya, ministering at Pastors and Leaders Seminars, in the poor areas surrounding Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

He broadcasts regularly on WSHO radio out of New Orleans, and writes a weekly commentary at entitled “Word from Scotland” on various biblical themes, as well as a weekly newspaper column.

His M.A. and B.D. degrees are from The University of Edinburgh, and he continues to run and exercise regularly to maintain a level of physical fitness.

Sandy Shaw

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