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and clinical picture is quite different, for in this case the clot does not act as

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from time to time to remove or palliate the effect. When the sym-

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tenderness. In from 3 per cent, to 5 per cent, of all cases the inflammation

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the pharynx. Hydrochloric acid may be lacking in the gastric contents, but

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attack of gout is due, in part at least, to a decreased ingestion of food. These

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or the symptoms produced by abdominal aneurysm. The presence of the

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using more accurate methods, get different results.

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When a large number of cases of typhus fever are grouped together in

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If the urine is examined, it will be found loaded with bile and an excessive

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motion in mastication, for the upper jaw can only move with the

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thigh muscles to raise the leg so that the toes will not strike obstructions

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depends largely upon the part of the heart which is chiefly affected.

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disseminated myelitis of infectious origin (Marie); but it is doubtful whether

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and as a large number of causes produce a condition of the tissues which

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the red areas the cell outline may be lost, and only cell debris, or the remains

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pneumococci, and phagocytes containing cells or organisms.

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proportions or habits of the parent. It is associated with a marked inferiority of

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milk, which should be sipped and not gulped down in one or two large

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the acute dry or fibrinous, the acute exudative (serofibrinous), and the puru-

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ative of general peritonitis, when it is, of course, a very grave symptom.

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Soon after the formation of the chancre, just described, the secondary

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obscurity attending some parts of their oeconomy ; for there is

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bloodless. There may be slight puffiness of the face on the dependent side

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their power to stand either on the whole foot, or on the toes only.

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purges or by castor oil. Purgation may be resorted to every twenty-

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externus. Besides depressing the lower jaw, when we examine

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specific cause of verruga has not been established. The belief is prevalent

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nating with large doses of iodide of potassium, should always be resorted

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it is often felt in the testicle or inside of the thigh on the affected side.

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and pepsin or lime-juice and pepsin. For the lesions in the mouth a chlorate

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freedom of movement. The pain wdiich is developed by pressure on the

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The temperature usually makes a sharp and decided rise, immediately

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uterus was that of a bent bow. (Zool. Proceed., Dec. 1830.) When brought

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numbers. Granular degeneration of the red cells has been particularly

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In the two mycotic forms the disease usually attacks the crotch and

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clysters of 1 or 2 quarts of hot normal saline solution, or of pure water con-

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evident and in its severity. Not infrequently it is one of the first signs of

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persons in advanced life. It is slightly contagious, but cases of undoubted

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are occasionally coughed up. This is particularly apt to occur after severe

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is only one fang, which makes the tooth conical : it is much smaller

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in his manuscripts under the names of " Kattewagoe" (the Menopoma Mleghan-

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during the period of incubation, they have the power to abort the disease

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extravasations. After a short time they undergo necrotic changes, and

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in it the matting of the abdominal contents into a small compact mass is

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