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apposition. The colonies are practically indistinguishable from those of
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oxysmal auricular flutter — are not taken up because of their great infrequency,
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been under observation in the Out-door Department, during
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No wonder that analysis shows the Cochituate to contain 7.60
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blunt macroconidia (9) occurring directly on hyphae
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shagcr>', and adherent to the ribs in the region about the apex
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of messages, or in the treatment of disease. Competitors may be natives of any
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Now, for the case in hand. The writer has had some experi-
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clinically employed in this country, namely, diphtheria antitoxine, tetanus
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may be of a hemolytic nature, and is perhaps a mild form of
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(2) Inactivate the patient's serum by heating at 56° C. for
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coagulated. The genus can be divided as follows: The animal
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latter partly attributable to the thickened tongue, are very char-
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the chnical picture is not whoUy consistent with syringomyelia.
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bumping, one may digest without them by holding the
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fatty degeneration. In one the destruction or disintegration of the cell
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seems to me that the Board may also fitly discuss the subject."
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of drinking cups and the like, must assist in the diffusion of diphtheria
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Uses of the Sixteen most Important Homoeopathic Medicines."
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a different problem. Here during surgical convalescence the
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consider the drug a " cardiac tonic," etc., or we must undertake
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Department, and at that time his general condition was much
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Anopheline larva. 8. Dorsal view of the head of an Anopheline larva. 4. Hypopygium (male
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the same degree as others and this appears to be the case
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In these classes of cases, dosing wilt' do little good. Hereditary
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because it is infectious from the start, while the first case in a household
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general condition, with striking disappearance of the shortness of
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injustice of the Massachusetts Medical Society, which in 1873, after a membership of
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the statute of limitations, and is in other ways recognized as in
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271 e) is now used routinely in determining motility. True mo-
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bacterial action. With such sera, infections with several times the lethal
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explanation is no doubt to be found in the fact that defective ventilation,
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+ + + + . Three doses of salvarsan were given at ten-day
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Aerobacter, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Streptococcus, Staphylo-
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certain unknown reactions in the living body, and are not merely altered toxines.
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(1) The natural infection in rodents can usually be detected
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apply, of what value are the platitudes concerning brotherly love, or 01 what good is
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on both sides, and this will be higher on the right side than on

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