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PostHeaderIcon Anorexia Nervosa Definition

Anorexia Nervosa Definition

anorexia nervosa definition

71 cases of tuberculosis of the myocardium, and reported one of his own,

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no longer found in the urine, and the urine gives no reaction with perchloride

anorexia meaning in english

urine reveals the presence of a large number of urates, it must be borne in

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and accommodation. As it supplies the internal rectus, external squint may

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fails to expel the air on expiration, with the result that the quantity of

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X [In the specimen here described, as in the rest of the genus, there are five

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Inspection of the bared chest during the inspiratory part of each attack

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and there is marked cyanosis. It is a noteworthy fact that the presence of

anorexia nervosa is typically characterized by an unusually high rate of metabolism

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The disease can be transmitted from one person to another, probably by

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easily digested food, the maintenance of perfect cleanliness in the parts pressed

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which they are immediately connected, they become extremely

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the causes already alluded to, it forms the basis of all that has since

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The proper way to administer the drug is to order a saturated solution of

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the chordae tendinefe, the papillary muscles and the leaflets themselves, so

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meaning of suffix orexia

state so often confused with conditions of disease or with the results of

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warmth, without which, of course, they are very uncomfortable

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Dropsical cases resemble the atrophic cases plus marked cardiac phe-

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some evidences of mercurial sore mouth present themselves.

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200, are to be used for the test; the fourth is a control tube to which no

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condition. The late Sir Andrew Clark was an earnest exponent of this view.

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cases the parasites occur in the blood without the patient manifesting any

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the chronic parenchymatous form. In this type the overgrowth of the con-

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Treatment. — In the treatment of acute poliomyelitis little can be done in

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coale!;:and S^ a'cMuse redness, with the myriads of bluish-white specks. The exanthema on the skm

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tion of the biliary ducts by the parasites causes dilatation and chronic

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distinctly increases the danger from croupous pneumonia. While this

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with other micro-organisms which gain access to the general system through

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essential. An old-fashioned and useful remedy is watermelon-seed tea or the

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being; absorbed, thus leading to structural weakness. Under these condi-

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to ossification with irregular distribution of the columns of cells, excessive

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duct, this mechanical difficulty may at once produce biliary colic.

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combs, although they collect no honey ; and the humble bee collects

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The first statistics furnished by Roux are interesting because they permit

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rheumatism and gonorrhoea, and, again, it sometimes happens that gouty

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Prevention. — Measles is to be prevented by complete isolation of the

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For the purpose of stimulating the heart and circulatory system, digitalis

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and the thoracic cavity is usually much increased in all its diameters,

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