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The cause of the excessive ascities is the perihepatitis and the compression

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and modified in their structure as ultimately to form the true dental branches.

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lobules, so that their cells are flattened and deformed, but also to the effects

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cause of the trouble, antistreptococcus serum should be used.

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with alcohol to be used during the trip. Usually, if the man is well-to-do,

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perforation of the tuberculous lesion into the pleura. It occurs in from 3 to 10

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of the conjunctiva, staggering gait, and muscular tremors, whence the name

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but of smell we may not have such proofs ; yet, from observation, I

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gerated statement, but it is nevertheless true that more than three-fourths

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from England and the United States. J. Park West, of Bellaire, Ohio, has

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disease arises in all probability by reason of the fact that the glands are

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the spitting of blood actually takes place a salty, or bloody, taste in the

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humidity is at its highest. The disease is also observed with great frequency

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cause much interference with the movement of the large joints, and be

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of a horse but also the additional memory of the appearance of the word

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are, upon the whole, much longer for their breadth than in any

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many parts must be removed out of which the new ones are pro-

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inadequate. We do not know the causes of this connective-tissue over-

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a turkey's egg. Anderson states that slight gangrene of the fingers, toes,

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there speedily develops an acute local process due to the rapid extension

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usually in or past middle life, is seized by a severe, agonizing pain in the

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Two opinions which represent the two sides of this question are as follows :

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to sever the nerve fibres, and provided the condition has not lasted too long.

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the direction of the body of the animal : these fibres appear to be

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as to lead the physician to operate for disease of the appendix.

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Definition. — In this condition the nasal mucous membrane and the under-

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dish-brown hue, the incised surfaces becoming brighter red after exposure

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chiefly on the hands and wrists and about the elbows and knees, and

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troversy, and even at the present time physicians of wide experience with

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