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Orographic Effect Rain Shadow

He was educated primarily at the district school of Earlville, N. Y.,
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Dr. Reuben Ludlam, Jr., the son and only child of the
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days — a regimen well borne, thanks to incessant rinsing
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special form of bacillus has been observed. . . . This organism
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borderland between health and disease. There are not a few individuals who
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tion. From 1851 to 1875 he was Professor of Surgery in the medical
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been damaged, we should make an axial incision which
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University, under the preceptorship of the late Professor William
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somnolence, coma, paralysis of the senses, cessation of
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Clinical Medicine, 1909, to the present time ; member of the Univer-
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A cured fvactuve^ with, slight or average shortening of the limb,
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the First Division Hospital, Second Army Corps, and continued on
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been admitted to hU class. The yonng doctor said, " Oh I
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dissolved, I gave him a second dose in like manner ; and so on for
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Systematic use of explosive bullets would show a want of
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time of presentation she exhibited a haggard expression of coun-
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or in pamphlet form. Among these may be mentioned : ' ' Operation
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seen in his acts, is fully up to the best state of health, even show-
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New York City surgeon with many hospital appointments, and an
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stomach, lungs, uterus, intestines, kidneys, or some wound. Eepeated small
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" 1st, We have no evidence that uterine displacement ever
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whose general health has been undermined, whose blood has
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