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garten, class-room, and Sloyd, to shoe-shop, printing-office,
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vasomotors, not unlike that produced by their external application.
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ination room quite blind again — but then love is always said to
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in its numerous modifications offers a method of restoring vigor which
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cent is the death rate from typhoid fever in our American cities;
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bercle. The state of the system leading to this deposit was
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low, because the fermentation has been hurried by the combi-
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dinner at the French restaurants is really a good one of its
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the countries in which they are made, antiferments, in the
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typhoid and other fevers. Food, rest, open air, and sunlight
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New York State Medical Society in 1889, the Medical Record (Febru-
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more potent as to quantity than formerly. Mulford puts up
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with necrosis more or less nearly complete of the mucosa and even the
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climate here is the great factor in determining the quantity
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most frequently hereditary and a perfectly natural state for
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urethra were very common. It is in this class of diseases
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delivered, and at a temperature of 50° F will keep sweet and
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The same sharp inclination doAvnAvard from the vertebral column is
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pulse and increases blood-pressure. It is a cardiac stimulant,
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turers in Philadelphia — The Atlees and other Great Men — Pro-
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ful ophthalmoscopic examination. Their absence does not militate
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the acute infectious dit^eases. but in the civil population it must
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Street Mansions, Grosvenor Square, London, W., appear
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resemblance to epithelioma and to the syphilitic ulcer. The diag-
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plied for hydriatic treatment. The accompanying picture (a) shows the pa-
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gives rise to copious hemoptysis. Cavities having dense walls may also
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and the physician is enabled to adapt his subsequent hydriatric pro-
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College, says: "As a rule the patients did not object to the baths;
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liver in patients dying after treatment by antipyrin is from six to
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tartaric, especially in the grape, and the malic, which exists
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equalled; Sir James Paget, the great authority on surgical
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does not extend beyond a radius of a few feet from the patient, (c) A
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fresh supplies, but hotels and boarding-houses and even pri-
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the temperature became normal. No therapeutic difference whatever
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they can dispose of it thus easily, why cannot they play some
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masses. The Nigra group is for the far-off cold Northwest,

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