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Cross-section of the brain, showing the lateral ventricles, the cerebellum, and, most important, the cross-

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plunged into diabetic coma by the institution of a diet practically free from

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treatment of this disease. As soon as the patient comes under observation,

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function, and which lies by the side of the facial nerve as its fibres pass from

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with areas of ulceration and necrosis. A form of catarrhal dysentery some-

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tion with chronic pulmonary disease, such as chronic bronchitis, bronchi-

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sion to be distinctly enlarged, extending below the level of the ribs; some

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of the mouth of the Purpuras ,■ in the widening of the faecal aperture of the

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foramina through which the communicating cord passes from the permanent

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attack of endocarditis involving both sides of the heart, and is usually asso-

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scarlatinal pleural effusion. Baginsky and Sommerfield, who published

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tuberculosis. Death may be due to pressure on the thoracic bloodvessels,

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be added to the visual symptoms of a lesion in the occipital lobe (Mills).

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ing tooth, and gives it an oblique direction. The same principle

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Because of the toxaemia delirium may be marked, and it is usually of

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Treatment. — If we except the effects produced by the use of thyroid gland

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infectious disease chiefly met with in childhood. It consists, as its name

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cerned in its production, for the disease is scarcely

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cells or by the development of connective tissue. Usually the rest of the

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of continuity in the skin or mucous membrane. Infection does not take

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If the patient survives more than a few hours, a more or less marked jaun-

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pneumonia. Owing to the paralysis of the facial nerves, the expression of

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covered all over with stalactites. Very near its entrance there is a perpendicular

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A mild case may therefore be provocative of most virulent epidemic.

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of sufferers. Among the older remedies, without doubt, belladonna and

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increases with each year of age. Another important factor in the prognosis

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that it appears as a "tap-tap," or resembles the "postman's knock." It

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bulk, I counted what number an alehouse pint held, when

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become blunt and thicker ; and in others they sharpen one another,

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the stiffness and exercise greatly decreases it, but, on the other hand, suffi-

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be completed, that is, till the grinders meet ; and it is not necessary

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Boer war the English troops suffered from a death rate of nearly 21

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even among sheep and cattle, and is rarely met with in man. Inquiry

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after the attack begins and refuse to go to bed. These patients not only

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weight is correspondingly encouraging in that it indicates a very slow, or

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Prognosis. — The prognosis of cases of gastric ulcer must, of course, vary

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it is certainly permissible, and, indeed, advisable, that operation shall be

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Pathology and Morbid Anatomy. — The lesions of trichiniasis consist in

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markedly atrophied and the overgrowth of connective tissue be very great.

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