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demnatory, from magazines, societies, and individual physicians,

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son, the daughter of Dr. Thomas Willson, of Trumpington,

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special interest in mental and nervous disorders led him to concen-

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Otitis Media, with Mastoiditis" (Archiv. of Otology, Vol. 21, No. 3, 1892).

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To appreciate as a whole the gravity of the injuries

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tion in the ditches at the sides of the road whilst the ambulance men went

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pass over all cures wrought by mental medicine as the result of

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the attendance of a trained nurse. To meet the necessi-

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substantial rewards. She told her visitor that, for a woman

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with the broad mantle of charity. Although himself firmly convinced of the superi-

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should guard against confounding rickets with hydrocephalus, but we can

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special study of diseases of the eye and ear, has resumed business at Hotel Colum-

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of Orthopaedic Surgery in the New York University Medical College.

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disease in general is obtained by adequate rest of the organism,

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of Physicians, and an active member of the Illinois State

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benignity of the sequelae, but this cannot make us forget the

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rubbed gently into the body for four or five minutes, and the

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F> OBERT GRIGG REESE, Ph.G.,M.D., F.A.C.S., eminent special-

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Two such cases within my recollection have been reported at

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for him, "that Hahnemann was not responsible for the modern

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either from morning till noon, or noon till evening, — but it is

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Beyrout. Dr. Post died in New York City, February 7, 1886.

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Socially Dr. Dench belongs to the Union, Athletic, Yale and Auto-

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Surgeon, General Memorial Hospital and the New York Nursery and

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at Albany a few days after Fort Sumter was taken, and in the sum-

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that this rigidity is explainable on the ground of true secondary

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