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vers la pointe" {he. cit., p. 59) ; and the long hairs are black.]
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with tympany over the anterior and middle zone of the abdomen extending
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sclerosis are often met with to some degree in parenchymatous nephritis,
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head possesses four rows of booklets. It is not infrequently found in the
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value in protecting the individual against infection than are the ordinary
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Treatment. — The treatment consists in the use of the iodides, whether
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is necessarily grave. That many patients may recover if promptly relieved
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adhesions that prevent the diffusion of fluid throughout the pleural cavity.
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A valuable sign of nasal diphtheria, but one which unfortunately does not
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nerves and absorbent and circulating vessels, but possessing so low a degree of
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have found that tropical abscess of the liver has been preceded by
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This holds true, however, only when the disease is well advanced, and, indeed,
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taking place through the blood or lymphatics. According to the statistics
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this purpose. In those cases which are associated with neurasthenia or which
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found that the lithium preparations do not act as well in gout as do the
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Of all the symptoms of disseminated sclerosis perhaps the most character-
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The diazo reaction, sometimes called Ehrlich's reaction, depends upon
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A fourth factor is the abuse of alcohol, not in the sense of going on sprees,
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rounded ends. It is easily stained with aniline dyes, but is equally readily
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exterior row are either quadrangular or hexagonal, having one
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mucosa is inflamed, the inflammation varying in degree from a mild acute
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Sometimes,, too, it develops in the course of scurvy and . purpura hemor-
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pentine, should be given. The efficiency of this injection may be much
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relief is demanded by the patient. In other cases — and these are often those
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should correct any gouty or lithsemic state by the use of ordinary exercise,
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in a case of measles. Also shows an ending of the fever by crisis.
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ruptured so that extravasations of blood take place into the gray matter.
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Treatment. — Above all other things in the treatment of influenza is rest
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law," namely, that an enlarged gall-bladder with jaundice is a sign of
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knowledge of common surgery, as "a matter beyond his depth," is to understand
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that quantity which the patient can take without seriously impairing his diges-
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been named, it is, of course, true that it may manifest various degrees of
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Chart showing daily paroxysm due to double tertian infection. One set of parasites segmented
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arise from the brain to be lost in common parts while there is a
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by that mosquito. No sooner are the sporozoids deposited in the blood of
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position, the bicuspides would effectually overturn our hypothesis,
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spines running around the body of the worm very much as does the thread
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hands by his electric organs above and below, was briskly plunged
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I observed that they often removed their eggs ; I also find they
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yaws have frequently been observed in the same individual; syphilitics have
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two or three times a day provides in twenty-four hours far more iron than
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Symptoms. — The symptoms of acute cerebritis depend to a large extent

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