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noticeable at the end of the second year of life, rarely with desquamation, more

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The tremor is generally equal on the two sides of the body, but it has

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or thirty years would be necessary to confirm this statement.

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was free from fever. In these two cases of this disease the relation

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of hemorrhoids, to be efficient, must be no mere local tinkering ; it

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as a preservative. In some cases, due to contamination with feces or

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of the brain were the seat of opaline plaques slightly prominent

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tachycardia. In some cases colchicum is of use. Dr. G. W. Balfour

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nitely to learn how much glucose arises from muscle proteins in

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infantile pellagra rests entirely upon the history.

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occurred. He was flatly contradicted at a board meeting in the hos-

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ritis as described by E. Boyce and C. F. Beadles/ 6 In the most

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It was then necessary to determine what variations there were in

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and depth of respiration by the patient may lead to improvement.

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He was given two doses of salvarsan of 0.3 gm. each and three doses of neo-

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of their different organs. That is, we have skin-susceptible biotypes,

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This murmur has met with different interpretations. When distinct

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point of rupture may be difficult to discover after death, for the

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