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perfectly stationary; he has been kept steadily on the of Lugol's solution
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ingly faint trace of albumen. June 27th. — The quantity of urine passed in twenty-
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fort to slide the tibia on the condyles, without producing
The first treatment naturally suggested is to try to
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purulent discharge is kept up by the irritating plaster from two to four
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teriorly, so that the exploring finger feels the anterior portion of the par-
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that has been added to the rear of the closet. Plywood or
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currents, particularly if they cause muscular contraction, are most painful.
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tom when there was no excitement. When one eyelid is affected the lesion is
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The quantity consumed between the two men was only the liver of one fish ;
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it is not the strongest of his efforts, was entitled : —
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through the abdominal wall with the other. Of course,
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and very marked. The pulsation and bruit and the subjective noises dis-
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to “red” or “white” hemorrhage, and further
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were taken to indicate that goat serum cannot be injected with
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small amount of sheep serum remained uneliminated from the rabbits'
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and the loss of the tips of the tails, from 5 to 1 5 per cent. Sometimes a
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assuming if she did not feel that stolid, persistent indifference that only the Indian
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fect combination of the muscles. Cases occurring in old subjects,
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to 1 per cent., and the greatest quantity 0*07 cgrm. in an adult.
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the louder the)' shout the more victims they will secure.
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S. Operative Cure of Congenital Pyloric Stenosis: Thymic
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Sixth labour at seven months ; child lived three months. Seventh
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It is stated that six out of the t»venty-one candidates who
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quarters of i:n inch in length, stretched down into the
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commonly, however, he gets rapidly worse both in mind and body, and
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" syphilisation," in Italy, France, and Norway, which was apparently
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cular power is so increased that the child soon learns to walk, the bony
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case of a druggist who had burned his hand during a manipu-
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genicity, might certainly be regarded as an accidental occurrence,

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