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Cefixime Dose For Sore Throat

stomach for the next meal ; and, by means of the carbonic acid which is
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made at Guy's Hospital for the twelve years 1883-1894 both inclusive,
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excite some degree of peritonitis are — (1) a catarrhal inflammation, which
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there is general fatty degeneration, affecting principally the liver, which
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syphilis and tuberculosis ; and all the conditions which lead to ansemia
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then determine, if possible, the more exact aetiology of the condition. ]
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and the breath becomes foul. Constipation is present, and the urine is
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be such a marked absence of gouty complications. So rare, in fact, is the
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is dependent upon the tonus and contractions of the gastric musculature.
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surface was wet or damp the first paraffin film would not adhere.
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These cases do well with convergent exercises which, if persisted in, will
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generally indicates a chronic perforation with perigastric adhesions.
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is not giving rise to a constitutional reaction the temperature will not be
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resultant fall in blood sugar causes the nervousness, restlessness and
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rulent, bloody ftools ; griping, tenefmus, an enor-
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but the condition is so very rare that we know very little about it.
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fcription of thisdifeafe, " A horfe, fays he (/^), is

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