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ventricular contractions, as the result of the formation of a heart clot or
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of albuminuria. His view is that while in many cases physiological albu-
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fluid accumulation, serofibrinous or purulent, be allowed to remain within
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so that mosquitoes could not carry infection from them to others. All
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Definition. — Apoplexy consists in the sudden onset of paralysis and loss
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variety of infection which is present, and upon the hygienic surroundings
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does not. If the disease persists, there is emaciation due to the pain and
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collected by Darras only 3 recovered. In 79 cases collected by Weir and
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symptomatic remedies. If the discovery is made that the patient has
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local irritation producing bronchitis is that which is seen in large cities
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chest, but the cough may be persistent, and is more or less productive
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common, is often met with in young persons, and develops with suddenness
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coat atrophies. This process of atrophy becomes further advanced in one
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called the sheath, and may be called the retractor penis.
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Etiology. — In the vast majority of cases of laryngeal tuberculosis the
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Physical examination in these cases is rather disappointing. The lesions
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are due to distinct varieties of streptothrix (Streptothrix maduroe and Strepto-
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air produces like effects, particularly if the voice has been used much
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the disease will be extinct in Prussia in 1927 and in England about 1947.
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practised, the thickened pyloric portion of the stomach can be felt forming
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by no means hopeless. Care should be taken, however, that complete
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fourteen months, a high degree of resistance to attack is observed in the
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position so that the growth falls away from the aorta, the diagnosis may be
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is not strictly observed, for often they are horizontal, and towards
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subclavian, and in this manner the radial pulse may be absent on one side.
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nervous sedatives, such as the bromides, chloral, and cannabis indica, but
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it may be impossible by palpation to differentiate ulcer and induration from
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discovered. If it follows excessive cough, the cough must be controlled in the
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ration, the entire infected area becoming crowded with pus cells and cocci,
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before the patient stands in its normal position as seen by the normal eye, but is
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stance apparently has arisen from decomposition changes in the intestines.
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in this manner, 290, or 71 per cent., died. This, however, is an exceedingly
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nated. It has been proved by Meyer and Ransom that the poison passes
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thymus gland are, however, the most important, because it is supposed that
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and the thoracic cavity is usually much increased in all its diameters,
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involving to a varying degree all its layers and terminating, even in mild cases,
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be given in 10, 15, or 20 grain doses three or four times a day.
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as long as twenty-three days after feeding on infected stools (Ficher).
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in which the tumor was in the cerebellum it was removed and the patients
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The symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis may be divided for study into
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the trophic impulses which they normally receive from their nuclei in
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culous, and of polymorphonuclear cells if it is non-tuberculous. Exceptions
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being to flush the peripheral circulation, and to cause a sweat which will
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for the presence of fever indicates infection and hints at the existence
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os mala? : not where the origin of the other portion terminates, but

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