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Generic Medication For Colchicine

* No. I. appeared in our 2<1 volume, page (>3'->.

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followed operation, 1 being due to shook and 2 to septic peri-

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diseases in Osaka, Japan, were made for the first six months of last

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fair, Sir George Buchanan, and Mr. Ernest Hart have not

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amination of the body, and then ^ave a certificate without knowing any'

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mission — the respiration stops before the heart actually ceases

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Webber, Wra. Woolmington, L R.CP.Edin.. M.R.C.S.Eng.. reappointed

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Medicai Officer for the Capel District of the Tonbndge Union.

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move is needed in the interests of public health generally.

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gnosis are far more formidable. The chief ditliculty is with

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hypodermic tissue. For these reasons we may characterise

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Contagious Diseases in the Navy and Army, I8t34-i)tj; sent by the Admiralty

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food collection is being gradually rearranged in improved

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lishing the phenylhydrazine test. He still adhered to the

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the pressure had fallen to 107 mm. (Fig. 10, Tracing /*), and

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frequency of rabies and the prophylactic measures in opera-

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College: Adolphus William Ward, Litt.D., Edward Donner,

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versity of Prague, who spent the whole of last September

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Among the deaths by accident from all causes poisoning

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in a work with this title a rather fuller account of some of

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affected show similar changes to those described ; the pro-

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first business meeting on January 10th, when a committee

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able to undertake the work of administering the hospitals.

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Our new contemporary, London, though not dealing directly

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third and last of which appears in the present number of the

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tonitis, wliile the remaining 4 lived for periods of from one to

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house, I feel my " disability '' sadly. Eveiy committee, of

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wick, a case in a common lodging house has led to the quarantining of

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enterprise of those who surround him. At one moment in the

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mitting " foul and defective drains " at the Yerbury Road

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and would, we believe, convey if there were adequate restric-

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■employed. Of these -K) cases, in 23 the child was born in from

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muscles of the scapuhe and upper aim, and there had been

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