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observed restlessness of tne foetus, and increase in the frequency of

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at a time. She has lost her ambition and gets tired very easily.

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trachea in the following way : —an assistant with thumb and finger

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decide before treating any case of diarrhea is whether the proc-

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^ C/l 0'^* Qrafe, ' Eliniaclie Analyse'der Motilitiits-stdrungen d. Auges/ and

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wholesome dwellings, suffered infinitely more than the upper stories

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which have been published upon the disease in the Milanese

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appearances can be easily obviated and prevented by my Blood Purifying Remedies.

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distension ; vomiting ; pain, not increased on pressure, which extended

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tall dowu a meagre half inch perhaps." From this statement of Prof M.'.

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distance drawn out of tne eye. In one of them slight inflammation

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Dr. de Valcourt considers in regard to mildness of climate,

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the plates, the accuracy of the processes given, the exactness of

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of whom have failed in their attempts at injection. Similarly,

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Neutral Ground. There was then no sickness either in Gibraltar

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to sugar) but also lessens the inanition attendant on starvation.

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This adulteration and poisoning of liquor extends also to almost all our wines.

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animals ; for they do not hare consumption in their wild state, but when brought

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months, in addition to the attacks, he gets up every morning

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inTestigations are undertaken in all branches of hygiene ; and

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Casb 4. — ^A. M — , a shoemaker, has been under my observation

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interrupted and, if necessary, a hypodermic of 15 minims of

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dusty shops, where fine particles of poisonous matter are continually entering the

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It is often the case that parents and friends do not suspect the habit of mastur-

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be cut off by growth of connective tissue round them and sepa-

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Duncan (Ed. * Med. and Surg. Journal,' January, 1864) ; and ceitun cases of

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The palpebral fissures are wide, the pupils are round, wide, equal,

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when strychnia is given with a similar object in view for a lengthened

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suprapubic route, has considerably reduced the mortality.

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(as man, birds, and quadrupeds,) others inspire and expire air at long intervals, with

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tive of health to herself and child. The lower extremities of females, in the preva-

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produce one than Dr. Flint. Our examination of the book has

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tions properly, neither will the muscles have their healthful elasticity and power.

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superintend t^e cases. One of these valleys is that of the upper

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when Lombardy and Venetia were invaded. In the following year there appears

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The following is modified from Strauss and may be found use-

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seat. He dismounted and, after standing for a few moments,

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