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At the end of 196 hours the precipitin was still zero, while the antigen

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van het Benedeneinde in de Trachea even boven hare bifur-

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spired profusely and its entire body was as wet as though it had been

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lopinii tiilips iiihI vns (l.'lVicns. Mjuiy of thf HIkmh i.l" the livponastrif

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and Hewlett found that tubercle bacilli were rendered innocuous by a momentary heat-

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New York, 4,184,118 pounds, and at Boston, 467,638 poimds, a total

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the striations are regular, the glomeruli large and purple, the striie of

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kody, kut also wken any i)atkolo-,'ic ci>ndition disturks tko pnntintiity of

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the giving of inferior service to the people rather

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well agi^inst each other as against itself/* Weil and Coca* report a

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agement, especially as applied to the individual ex-

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Diabetes, pancreatic. Hyaline degeneration of the islands of Langerhans

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appear gradually to curl inward and fuse along their margins, closing

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" A very complete injection of the dog's heart can be made by clamping

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(From the Laboratory of Bacteriology, College of PhyaicUms and Surgeom,

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certificate of such record and of the pedigree of such animal shall be produced

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culosis,” Johnstone “Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene.” Top “Com-

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taminated objects, such as toys, food, clothing, etc. (Wickman, Kling,

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Abscesses, condemnations at slaughter, fiscal year lfK)5-0 16

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respirations, 20 to the minute and characterized hy an expiratory grunt,

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were inoculated as later members of the series, and it was found that

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a motion on the subject matter, so that it may be prop-

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Figure 13, floor plan, and figure 14, longitudinal section, show a

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mass was firm and the overlying skin was tense, shiny

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be plaee<l in the dorsal lymph sae. In birds the results are more pro-

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diseases for which condemned at slaughter, flscal year 1905-C 10

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absolutely !!" siirns of i)!eas\ire (U' of recojrnition of the person that fed

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collect the back tax. Mr. O’Brien said that he had

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provisions of this act is maintained shall be deemed to be complete until such meat

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That there is no real marked difference In variety existing between human

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