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109. ♦ViNCB, J. F. : " Congenital malformation of the oesophagus.^'
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makes examinations of this character much easier. Xot only is the
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Louis, Kansas City and Cape Girardeau will read pa-
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10 and 150 colonies of streptococci per cubic centimeter. Death occurred
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purpose of carrying the bacon. Thus the Danes set about systematic-
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accompanying photograph of the patient (Fig. 1). Roentgenograms of the
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attended by any gross lesions in the carcass albeit they are noxious and repugnant.
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attention. In August, 1905, three silos, representing three distinct
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knee jerks. She was found sitting up in bed and stated that her head-
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Case 5. A 39 year old white male had a seven months’
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graduate activities. Through these photographs it is endeavoring to show some of the
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air for oxygen in several experiments. It was possible by this means to
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Often it is your co»operaiion with your doctor that
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specific. Yet the false positive continues to be re-
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success lies in our being unable to convince the people at once of the*
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watch the work and prevent the substitution of other meat. After these cuts have been
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In the present experiments the histological findings in respect to
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it had been passed successfully through a series of seven rabbits. An

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