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be instituted. I have again and again seen patients who have presented
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tion or acute appendicitis; for paralysis of the bowel may be present, on
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from the diet list. Most of the biscuits which are made from substitutes for
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unknown except where the sestivo-autumnal parasite is found. It occurs
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facet is connected by a duplicative of peritonaeum to the testes ; the connexion is
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over two feet, above the patient's buttocks, may be allowed to flow into the
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breathing due to various toxaemias, such as urasmia and the coma of diabetes.
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vulsions, either generalized or Jacksonian, may also occur. They usually
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which the specific germ may enter the body. This w^ound may be so insig-
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than normal because of the pressure produced by the aneurysmal sac.
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such as lettuce, spinach, dandelion, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts,
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caseous matter, broken-down lung-tissue, pus cells, and tubercle bacilli, and
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It may also arise from any circumstance which prevents a person
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other cases of dengue occurred in the village where these experiments were
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and yet the tooth was not in the least protruded ; on the other hand,
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necessary in streptococcus infection. As a rule, the milder measures suffice
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tain poisons, as snake venom and poisons from the mineral kingdom, may
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is present when no voluntary movement is made, and by the presence of
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poses. When headache, high temperature, rigors, or stupor are marked, the
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Hyperoemia occurs physiologically whenever the liver is actively engaged
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of the glands in the neck, and by the absence of bronchial irritation. From
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may be areas of skin which suffer from excessive sweating. In other cases
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In some cases a subacute type of the disease develops in which all the
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less than the second ; and this last has seldom time to provide for
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lates on standing into a soft, jelly-like clot. In a few hours the clot contracts
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however, this worm seems to have the power of producing an irritant poison
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the mucous membrane results from the growth of the Bacillus coli com-
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Symptoms. — It is important to bear in mind the fact that the mere presence
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sternum, in the second or third left intercostal spaces. Not rarely there
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infected by a dry tap when they were skilful enough to diagnose an effusion,
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It sometimes happens that the abscess is situated some way from
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Numerous cases of obstruction due to a Meckel's diverticulum have been
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obstruction. A third result of the intracranial tumor is irritation of the
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is probably more frequent than is generally thought. Its intermediate host
boiling point elevation in salt solutions
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inflammations submitted to, a cure will be performed in time by
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meningitis and hsematoma have occurred as the result of the aneurysmal
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scarlet fever, in which disease the streptococcus associated with this malady
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are relaxation of the abdominal wall and the loss of fat produced by an acute

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