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days, after the closure of the lateral incisions, the opening of the palate

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» Observations Relative to Lymphatic Hearts. By Joseph J. Allison, M. P. (Ex-

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of this class, including many of the prominent physicians of

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ovarian fossa and the space so formed and its connecting tube

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erection of sanatoria for phthisical patients in which: 1, the

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Medical Association of the State of Alabama. — The an-

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thenia then would seem to be poor in oxygen-carrying

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Philippines with the troops from Utah, has been made major

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perhaps the one most allowable. The fact also that the

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the quantity allowed; and I suspect that the danger in hypertrophy, arising

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Sept, 3(1. — Effusion now entirely disappeared; respiration easy, vesicular

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slight ; tongue tremulous, covered with a brown coat in the middle, and

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stroyed by the displaced fragments of the body, but

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osseous arthropathy ; healed only after a long time by rest, and great caution

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