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PostHeaderIcon Feldene Prescribing Information

Feldene Prescribing Information

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“ towards the aspect.” See A7ialoiny, p. 32.

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6. Septum crurale. A thin layer of cellular tissue which closes the

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in this affection — not as a calmative agent, but

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in large dosages, though not completely so. Also the

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a day, after washing (or without previously washing), and nib-in

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FO'RNIX. Literally, an arched vault. A triangular lamina of

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of the skin. The term differs from prurigo, as it merely denotes

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cleaned with boiling water, and then treated as in the preparation ot

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OLTBANUM. A gum-resin, the produce of the Dosivellia serrala.

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COMBU'STION (combtirere, to burn). Burning ; the disengage-

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meant the quantity of matter which it contains, upon the supposition

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PRO'XIMATE PRINCIPLES. A term applied to those com-

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two equivalents of methyl and one of arsenic, and, in modem nomen-

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by Dr. Esbach as a symptom of general cachexia, causing a local effect,

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of the vestibular cavity, the latter forming the open end of the scala

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13. No member of or delegate to Congress, or resident

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low ma^ification, these bluish areas correspond to lymphatic

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opens upon the posterior surface of the petrous bone, and transmits a

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1. Gloss-agra (aypa, seizure). Infl.ammation of the tongue;

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livery or on admission to the hospital. Excessive anal-

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the two sides of the body in any given animal. When this identity is

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manuscripts will be returned only when requested by

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Pyribenzamine Scored Tablets, 50 mg., bottles of 50, 500 and 1000.

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carbonic acid gas at the e.xpcnse of sugar, as in the production of wine

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ing that the Association cooperate in getting out a letter

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Smith, Springfield; C. E. Hyndman, St. Louis; W. A.

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Scientific Work — W. A. Bloom, Fayette, Chairman; A. N.

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called parapophyses (rrapd, transverse, and apophysis).

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Lead Company, the Park City Consolidated Mines Com-

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RESO'RPTION (resorbere, to suck back, to swallow again). Re-

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rich and enduring a background of authoritative clinical experience as Dextri-Maltose.

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CORTICAL SUBSTANCE (corteor, bark). The e.vterior part of

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holes on each side which seemed like ureteral orifices,

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pital or medical facilities in rural areas. This should

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The Yellow Fever, so denominated from the lemon or oranec

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Scientific Exhibits — Organization Activities 224

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common sugar, which drains from the sugar-refiner’s mould. See Theriacu.

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be diagnosed. This, too, should be subjected to oper-

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