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lymphatic type, especially if the condition to be relieved is overgrowth of the

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is needed to move the heavy body. This dyspnoea is also due to the fact

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kidneys. The mere presence of far-advanced atheroma in aged per-

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other cases these symptoms are entirely absent and the patient will recall,

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a clot which is usually laminated and remarkably tough. Such aneurysmal

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to control, it is far better both for himself and his friends that he should be

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of 250 deaths in typhoid fever 20 were due to perforation.

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air-bladder* are continued through its whole length. Besides which

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Hemorrhagic smallpox, if at all well developed, always ends in death.

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stomach is irritable, to give, daily, normal saline solution by hypodermoclysis.

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his mental state is benumbed rather than because there is any actual trouble

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The following points make the differentiation between mitral stenosis

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New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Ohio in the order named. Wells

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much more rare than the rupture of a subdiaphragmatic abscess into the

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each other, that the destruction of the one seems to be always at-

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of the vessels of the spinal cord and a true myelomalacia, although some

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septum between the right and left sides of the heart, and as a result "bilocular

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small, where the sense can only take them in singly, and the mind

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that it materially interferes with sleeping and eating, for cough is a measure

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and Seeger, renal changes in diabetes were found in 77 cases, and Elliott has

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unwise, because he is prone to develop the alcohol or coca habit. If the

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not the same disease, are descendents of the same parent stock; that originally

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Treatment. — The treatment of gastric ulcer consists in restricting the

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where we have no other resource on account of the number of fangs,

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have had perfect digestion, and have never knowui what it was to have gastric

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becomes red and angry-looking, and at its summit a vesicle develops which

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different sizes, and the first by much too small for the queen wasp

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Manifestly it is the physician's duty in all these cases of exhausting disease

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that the ordinary area of liver dulness is largely decreased. Percussion of

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at the apex, whereas in bronchiectasis it is lower down in the lung. Still

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who has been under observation four years, during which retinal hemor-

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cities that it may be said to be almost endemic in all of them, but to a very

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The degree of vital resistance of the patient is of very great importance

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cm. long and 0.5 cm. thick. The male is about one-half the size of the female.

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feces, and that they be moved every day by some vegetable laxative or one

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where the decay begins in the cavity ; for then this disposition is

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