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five hundred and eighty grains of calomel, and recovered without any
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cidal, but not so "eifcctive in a given time" as a l-to-1,000 solution of
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the point of injury. He resisted so forcibly the efforts
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are that most of you will not see its mate ; it is not likely that more
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])laced more forward than the left, and the epiglottis tilts downwards
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police department of the City of Bridgeport. "In 191 5 he married
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The same objections do not apply to enemata, which soothe
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manner of its telling. Between the quaintly humorous lines,
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of disease must be the result of the combined experience of surgeons,
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Then, says the wise old Greek, " From these things he
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Precautions.) Patients with milder ventricular dysfunction should, if possible, be
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ministration of quinine in this disease, it is called for
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approached the town there was a small fire burning in the field
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oughly cleaned with mercuric chlorid, 1 : 2,000, after which the
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all the liquor they desire. Thus we often find it neces-i
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January 1, 1920, 1, No. 4, p. 527) suggest that there are two classes
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comptaient thus, kon te. ..^s the understanding of the
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D. S. B. PENNOCK, M.D., D.O, D.Sc, Attending Surgeon
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broad Professional grounds, and without the smallest refer-
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can bestow. Almost from boyhood his genius was devoted to
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taken ; the abdomen was opened, hot-water bags were
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#-y-w a/U~**n/t~^ 4x*w /TAS^ dA*^^ Ol/L*<— '/Tut-* —
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the tremendous advance of modern surgery and technique, that
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The mortality of septicemia and pyemia resulting from the
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twenty-four hours. Swelling of abdomen increased ; it measures below umbilicus 33
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nervous temperament, tbeir administration will be found to
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leg was in such an extreme state of tension that the anterior surfaces of the
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syphilis. His symptoms had lasted two weeks. He suffered from edema of
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tion he ordered from five to ten drops for children, and from ten to twenty-five
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roentgenological interpretation: electrocardiographic interpretation: dermatology and
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paper was to elicit discussion, rather than to present
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enlargment of the lower third of the left femur. The soft parts were
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tract. Liver brownish yellow. Kidney highly congested; showed cloudy swell-
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nals. In a large proportion of cases the third and fourth
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subjects, apt to be obstinate. A case of this kind occurred in a
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houses that some arrangement could be fnade whereby autopsies by
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