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the case with women who have arrived at middle life and who begin accu-
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hand nor foot or even move its head, that lies perfectly limp in its
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be enclosed by hyaline fibrous tissue of the type just mentioned.
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the action of the heart, and unnaturally dilated, its coats have commonly these
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Albuminuria is also frequently present as a result of the high arterial
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Sturges found it present in 94 out of 100 cases of fatal heart disease in chil-
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is important to remember that in measles the disease is insidious and speedy
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the Kidney.) In other cases, if the kidney is floating and hydronephrotic,
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in the fluid with the blood side down. The process is complete in from
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that the effusions complicating Bright's disease often contain lymphocytes
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The treatment of hcemo'ptysis consists in the administration of a hypo-
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The nervous system is the portion of the body which bears the brunt
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America have given us clear conceptions of it. Of these researches by far the
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arising secondarily from the diseased state of the pharynx.
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Etiology and Pathology, — Hydronephrosis may be acquired or congenital,
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nerve fibres such as hemorrhages into the internal ear, or other damage to
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pain, which in most cases arises from the Gasserian ganglion (8, Plate
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exophthalmic goitre, or 1 in 242. It is therefore by no means a rare disease.
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and, second, by observations upon man. Thus, it is possible by the external
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months, and sometimes extends over a year. Mild cases may continue
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tions, one in 1899 in Lisbon, and one in 1902 in Berlin, while thirteen cases
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process, for the fifth tooth is somewhat under that process.
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maladies, the loss of nervous tissue is followed by overgrowth of the neuroglia
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sidered a specific disease or whether it should be considered as a terminal
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the statistics which have so far been collected. Thus, in 404 cases mentioned
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markedly downward and who are hollow in the flank, like a hunting dog in
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and similar substances, seem to exercise a most valuable influence in con-
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twice or thrice a day, and gradually increasing the amount until 10 to 15
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Even the spleen, which seems so hard and enlarged that any diminution in
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hue, the alteration in its appearance lasting, however, for but a few
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The second etiological factor in the development of the disease is the
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severity of the paroxysms and upon the virulence of the infection. In virulent
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If the disease is severe and the inflammatory process spreads until the
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cloudiness is produced, the urine must be heated. If the reaction is due to
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When it is desired to use the remedy in the eyes the fluid serum is employed.
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by the left auricle, and it undergoes dilatation and hypertrophy, but this
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displaced and covered by the enlarged lung. The lower margin of the liver
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when the disease is bilateral and the swelling is great, the possibility of
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add to this fact the additional statement that a very large proportion of
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Boulloche as paralysis with muscular atrophy, coming on during the period
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he found the covering of the chrysalis of a yellower colour than the
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When cardiac breakdown ensues it not infrequently happens that the
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brane on a tonsil within twelve hours involve the larynx and necessitate
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patient quite exhausted. In some instances, with the passing of the seizure,
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either carried further on into the stomach to be digested, or is re-
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Steiner could find only 38 cases recorded, and reports 3 of his own. In 27

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