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whisky, strychnin, digitalis, nitroglycerin, as the case
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1909) suffering from malnutrition and jaundice of moderate degree.
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nective tissue and blood-vessels similar to that found in the chancre, with
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when parasites are not found in the peripheral blood, the diagnosis
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production of colloid degeneration, or the mouldy condition {etat moisi). It
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Case IV. — Miss G , aged twenty-six, slender ; no-
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treatment which I have employed with beneficial results in every
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cial hospitals, or, better yet, sanitariums, not only for the
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fact with the phenomenon observed, without allowing that the oxygen must
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Our service IS TO YOU, NOT TO YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY. Just as we offer you our services, we expect
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paralysis of other muscles by Faure. A case of diphtheria of the
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streptococcus in all throats in the early stage and in the blood in a large
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either health, permanence of disease, or death would follow.
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tiously in surgical patients. Triamterene has been found in renal
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present in the urine. During the next four months the condition of the patient
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may possibly cause it. Impure water may infect without
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the mucous membrane and the submucous or deeper tissues pre-
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Fracture of Srd and 12th dorsal bodies. Purulent Infection, proba-
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&c., &o. By the avowal of Mr. Legoyt, there
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Frederick A. Smith, of Chicago, provides annually the sum of $1,576. Appointment
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University of Prague, statins that he )iad griidiiate<^from-f^at University with
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International Conference on AIDS, July 19-24,1992; Amsterdam,
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was arrested by septal operation, and in the third choroidites was aborted by the
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tion. The integument covering tlie tumour was also free from this
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a certain portion of air to the lungs, the heart is
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could be hftter made l)y divulsion than by internal
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been principally on auditory efficiency, with some work on visual
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must be recognized that continuous suggestion, or the
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neuralgic, rheumatic, and other painful affections. Fx-

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