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occur. These may vary from a slight twitch followed by stupor to a severe
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cervical muscles the patient usually dies. This condition is not due to a
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the individual staggers and perhaps falls, and finally, if the quantity of the
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be remittent or intermittent. In a few days joint pains develop. The joints
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by exposing them to cold. The fingers are often in semi-flexion, and if the
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but much nearer than those of the large organ, being only about -fa
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pharospasm." As a rule, the muscles about the mouth are also affected.
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is really secondary to an unrecognized infection of the kidney. This renal
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operation. The operation should either be pyloroplasty or gastroenteros-
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Each organ of the fish under consideration* is about five inches
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around the fang, produced, doubtless, by inflammation of the periosteum. The
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Gallic acid, tannic acid, and sulphuric acid have been largely used by some
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ture, already described under Cerebrospinal Meningitis. If the cerebro-
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upon the pressure exercised by the right common iliac artery upon the left
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other cases the floor of the ulcer is unable to stand the stress of accumulated
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Acute gout is nearly always recurrent. Sometimes it attacks the patient
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contraindicates it. Other disadvantages are that the back cannot be rubbed,
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diagnosis from physical signs may be practically impossible. The Widal
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to complete one summer's work in. As one perpendicular comb,
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This condition is separated from carbuncle by the lack of pus and by
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cially towards the point of the fang. In tracing the formation of
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curial ointment produces an active systemic influence without disordering
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epilepsy can be induced in a child by hereditary influences arising from
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spinal cord, and the disease may therefore be considered as a combination
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tion of the remedy patients should be put on liquid diet and given a brisk
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tion, so acting as a direct cause of pyelitis. Infected emboli may also produce
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of the disease. Epileptiform attacks or sudden periods of unconsciousness
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so weaken the resistance of the vessel wall that it yields to pressure and
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made of pepo, or pumpkin seeds which have been deprived of their hard
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even those of pulmonary abscess. The patient suffers from cough and
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to show a yellow hue. This is the critical period of the disease, for the
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some few cases I have found the gums ulcerated, and the body of
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oesophagitis sometimes develops, in whicli the mucous membrane suffers
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For the relief of the congestion of the respiratory mucous membrane,
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are present, and after the attack the urine is found loaded with urates and
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aids in producing obstruction and seems to form a large part of the over-
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the administration of sufficiently large doses of the tincture of veratrum
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professional education, enabled him to obtain from an extensive

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