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Generic Loperamide

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cicatrization of an ulcer at the pylorus. Where benign stenosis exists,

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greater size was manifest in contrast to the greater emaciation of sur-

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intervals of the paroxysm in the following case, must

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palate, is covered with false membrane, the nose discharges

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all other things in the world. It has its own conditions, and

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a very short time, in some cases filling almost the entire abdominal cavity.

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livered his valedictory and President-elect Dr. D. B.

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(streptococcus pyogenes, staphylococcus aureus) are present and

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Professor Nothnagel has published in Virchow's Archiv., Iviii, 420, Nov., 1873, a continua-

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advised to decline patients suffering from wounds of the

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reaches the digestive tract; this would also interfere with diges-

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tonic aperient for infantile indigestions, etc., were

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(according to Schleich). It was found that the wall of the

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placed at the disposal of the public daily from 8 a.m. to

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but had no knowledge of her labour. This case illustrates how decep-

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'' Hysteric paraplegia. — (Palsy of one symmetrical half of the body), attended

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in regard to many of them, for no such results can ordinarily be ob-

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the existence of a paralytic seizure. The diagnosis is too correct :

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peritoneal injection, the lungs are most grossly affected, and after them the

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degree of dilution) indicates the relative amount of pepsin. If the

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bines with a certain portion of the albumen of the blood and

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cinal agents, and believe them to be the most preferable form of phosphates,

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in front. The few necessary seconds being passed, I retire again

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4, 1&16. — The Uiiited States Civil Service Commlssiuii

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Andrew Wood and Dr. Parkes to consider whether they are

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George Armstrong, Montreal ; Dr. F. W. Coleman, St John,

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uterus and tubes were not removed in this case. In reply to Dr. Eden,

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nated by the excretory organs ; and if within that period the

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tbe safeguards tbat science bas devised, SPECIFY "MULFORD VACCINE TUBE-

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