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;it lirst Niy;lit iipix'iir to !)(• (••iiiclusivf, jft cacli of tlicin Incnks down when

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and Perkins,^ in lymph nodes which were the seat of tuoerculosis, sarcoma,

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The customary method is to increase the dosage as rapidly as possible, begin-

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tion manifested by myasthenic symptoms. The experimental work of Link,

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nal laceration will be small, the effusion of blood

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.iv cn^riimjrm. an.' i.,ir.nia''rin tli.- >;amr as ra-.

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i-ancc .Measiiremcnts of llie elediic conductivity of Mood have, hou

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This exjilanation, liowever. does not snlHii-e to aeeount for iill tho

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condition not become worse than it is. (d) Spondylitis: In this the outlook

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nature that they could easily be excluded as having a distinct bearing upon

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.■.Tfaiii .•..n<.,.|itiali< f ami,,., a.'hls: thus, ii, that .if fasfinj; animals fr

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the liodv xuim|iI ciii ,■l||||,,^t mIw:i,\s I.c I'.'.-oM'i'cd from in l.ilioriitor.v ,iiii

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• ilher method lias proved of practical value. Kpineidirine iii.jei'lions

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formerly thought that the disease was more frequent in children. In

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vided with felt pads. A toothed la.-het Is altaejied to the ends of lln

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constriction of the ureter, due to adhesions, or consecutive to urjteritis and

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'"""■"'■'' " """■'■ "'-'.^ "••'""■l.v, Uy tl„. ,-,,., ,1,,,, „,;,.,,„ .,,.,,.„^

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the vast majority of the cases, we may have a urethritis due to other

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are often to be found among mothers and sisters of patients with Graves'

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ent in 12 of these. Abnormalities of the thymus cannot be considered as

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I ■•■1(1 on the auricle, ejieli pair Iieiiiu- in a radial diieciion to the sjuo.

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was also somewhat implicated. The fibers, individually, showed considerable

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the seamen. The bedding, &c. covered with black

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sliiihl I .iti iisiiiii (if III! >/)//ii iliiiiiii.' iiispiralimi. Tliis sitvi's to iiirriM^'

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*y, of the alveolar air and therefore of the l)lood did not hriiid about tli.

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with involvement of tlie shoulder- or hip-joint. The pain may follow the

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-|iiiiition. They believe that any condition which limits the possibility

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pressure should also be borne in mind by the examiner, as deep pressure

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If wc mill to the liasal heat |iriiiliictioii nf l.tlSd ( '. another KiS ( '. (nr

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with contracted kidney, whose three daughters and one son show albumin

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such as removal of the tonsib — should be carried out while the patient is

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diabetes are most serious signs. Cases in which an early operation on the

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streptococcus infections, acute endocarditis, acute pleurisy, and peritonitis

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