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common conception of a neatly-defined " center," and yet for the sake of
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cough, and expectoration of a frothy serum that may be blood-stained.
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produce a characteristic form of contraction of one or more fingers (Du-
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in.) in circumference, and who could speak both French and German.
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ble ; but in others (functional or idiopathic) there is no demonstrable
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tioned whether most of these cases should be classed as diabetic coma.
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lungs, resulting from positive intrathoracic pressure, after the normal
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situated at the lesser curvature, a deep inspiration will often cause the
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all the bismuth tests, of forming a black precipitate with the sulphur
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of this iron is doubtless the enormous destruction of red corpuscles, and
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ful, and accompanied by expectoration. The pulse-rate is abnormally
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far beyond the right edge of the sternum is especially characteristic.
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tomatology in the present state of our knowledge. Excepting the trau-
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trated by 367 engravings and colored plates. Cloth, $4.00 net;
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Definition. — An excess of blood in the liver. This may be of two
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tached as to be pedunculated. At the anterior borders a series of air-
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the " nodding spasm " or '• salaam convulsion " of young children, is like-
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no relief is sent to it the engorgement settles down into a contin-
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marginal convolutions. By the visual memory- center is meant that part
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moderate amount of food, composed for the most part of readily digested
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responding to the convexity of the spinal column is small. Whilst the
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are muscular atrophies associated -with contractures. Often there is con-
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Pathologfy. — Dilatation with hypertrophy is generally secondary
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case. The apparatus should be as light as possible, with the re-
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alum or a 1 per cent, solution of tannic acid ; antiseptic solutions are
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circumstances than colchicum. Luff" has demonstrated by experimentation

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