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which this occurred and in which abdominal section resulted in recovery,
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we shall see by and by. It is to be supposed they are the only bees
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ing on collapse quickly appear. The pidse is small, rapid, and weak; the
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largely upon the severity of the symptoms in a given case. The malady
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ensues the patient may become a chronic asthmatic even if the hay cold
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fangs) there is a corresponding longitudinal groove. These fangs
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bral syphilis are often unduly somnolent. (See Diagnosis.)
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cannot be expected to produce very remarkable alterations in the liver.
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by gallstones, by traumatism, and in some instances it may arise from
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pharyngeal wall, and may run down into the stomach, but it does not reach
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for medicinal measures are, of course, entirely useless, except for the pur-
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stained, and lying in definite spaces, begin to appear. With the increase
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Symptoms, — The sjTiiptoms of cardiac aneurysm are not definite at any
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tion. This reaction is uncertain in the first week, often positive after the
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The gums are also subject to other diseases, abstracted from their
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This particular structure in the alveolar process of the upper jaw
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Complications and Sequelae. — A stone may perforate the gall-bladder,
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The neuropathic constitution may be considered as a predisposing cause,
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tain forms of grave anaemia. On the other hand, acute diseases running a
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Profuse diuresis, in which the urine is found to be pale and clear, shows
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and the Bahamas, but it never succeeded in establishing a foothold in any
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procedures can, however, only be resorted to in those cases in which a
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prisons, and ships. Given an equal degree of exposure, there is no reason to
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Wlien very young children are treated this solution may be applied to
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predisposing causes. The various fevers, as malaria and typhoid fever, only
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If the more powerful muscles contract forcibly the patient's body is arched,
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When the miliary process chiefly or entirely involves the meninges the
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is the micro-organism most frequently responsible for both forms of pneu-
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all sounds and objects in the immediate vicinity, mumbling a few disjointed
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observations that have little to do with the ceconomy of a year, but
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A most exhaustive study of this subject has been made by West in London,
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showed that in two-thirds of all cases examined at autopsy in which there was
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the entire body, so that they appear at first glance to be dropsical, but they
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in heavy transverse creases. The cheeks appear sunken, chiefly because of
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tinuous exudate covers the entire colon, and in still others it appears in
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indicate its presence. An examination of the patient's back may not only
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due to gonorrhoeal infection and those of locomotor ataxia.
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pulse is rapid and feeble, the appearance of the patient markedly septic and
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Bronchiectasis, originating in acute lobar pneumonia. Marked saccular and cylindrical dilatations
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individuals bear scars of this sort upon the face, and they are particularly

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