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to the endings of the lower segment in the peripheral nerves. The cardinal

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nium, however, acts best when it is given for comparatively short periods of

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building of the St. Louis Bridge, and A. H. Smith, of New York, who studied

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the lateral pyramidal tracts below the site of the transverse lesion, when they

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Variations. — It must not be thought, however, that measles always follows

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universal. I have seen more than one instance in which the child was not

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due to excessive cough, lack of food, and lack of rest combined with broncho-

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to see the facial muscles produce this strange expression.

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a peculiar leaden hue. The temperature of the body in general is usually

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apartments in which all mosquitoes had been destroyed by chlorine gas, and

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diabetes in some cases, but whether this influence is direct or simply a sign

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connective tissue under it, and between the glands, is infiltrated and filled

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do not know, but that it is dependent upon a perversion of metabolism not

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the month of March, she must begin early to fill again ; but I

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ing remissions of 1° to 2°, and gradually ends by lysis, so that at about the

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best with the different phsenomena; for the coral is lined with a shell,

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The frequency of this complication in the different periods of the disease

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propinquity of a smallpox hospital, but Savill, from investigations carried

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early in an attack of croupous pneumonia emphasizes the importance of

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ianopsia, and homonymous hemianopsia, each variety being named not

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small bowel by the facts that tenesmus is usually marked, the lesions are,

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collection of pus being found in the centre of an area of softening ; whereas

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valuable. Good brandy and whiskey are the best forms of alcohol to

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condition. Oilman Thompson has recently reported two cases and sum-

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sharply at the elbow. Later, swelling and itching of the face occur. The

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shows dulness in Traube's semilunar space. (See Fig. 60.)

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granular mass, and finally disappears. The damaged areas, in old cases,

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that the sporadic cases of cerebrospinal meningitis which are due to the

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the carbohydrate material which is taken as food. Such persons suffer

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by its onset late in life, by the fineness of the tremor, by the fact that it

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often used as a synonym to describe this condition.

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the red cells are of the shadow or phantom type and clots are rarely if ever

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