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away the fang till the whole is destroyed, exactly similar to the
very high lipoprotein a levels
aspire as a noun
A large vegetation on the mitral leaflet. (Ka.'^t and Rumpler.) It can be readily iieen that this
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of the external genitals. Careful regard to cleanliness after intercourse is
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vessels by any drug or measure used for raising arterial tension.
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formation of extensive fistulous tracts. When the lesions are confined to or
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but as to content of acetone as well, and if this latter ingredient is present in
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alcohol, but given a man who takes little exercise, some whiskey, and who is
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ascertained ; and where this is not naturally distinct it becomes
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fluid used has escaped into the pyloric pouch through the connecting channel.
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wards, is frequently inclined somewhat backwards, and projects
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I am now desired by him to lay before the Society the observa-
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and which he considered was due to pressure upon the trachea by an enlarged
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vives the acute stage he suffers from secondary lesions in the stomach and
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large bowel before it can be digested and absorbed, the patient suffering from
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pears afterwards like the hare lip, and therefore this practice is not
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that it is almost impossible to fit them. When the fang of the scion
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anterior filament the parasite embeds itself in the mucous membrane of the
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of the orbit above the foramen opticum ; it passes forwards on the external sur-
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of tightly-coiled embryos averaging 0.6 mm. in length.
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gurgitation is the most common lesion by long odds. Jiirgensen has
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toration; and if a considerable area of lung-tissue is involved they cause
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its former site a bright-red surface which bleeds easily. The nasal false
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pancreatic lesions is less than in those cases in which the pancreas is affected.
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fifth month both the processes themselves and the pulpy substances
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hypertrophy in an endeavor to drive it onward. As a result the pulmonary
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which a positive diagnosis can be reached is by the use of tuberculin, if no
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It is a point worthy of note that the so-called "raspberry excrescence"
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number of investigators, of whom the most noteworthy are Osier, Thayer,
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Symptoms. — In studying the symptoms of primary lateral sclerosis it must
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stances should make us suppose they were fitted for both, and their
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the finger joints, after this the metacarpal and metatarsal joints, and still later,
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Arterial thrombosis is much more rare than is vejious thrombosis. This
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examining between the scales of the belly of another, but I could
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Treatment. — ^The treatment of muscular rheumatism depends somewhat
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The mere presence of heat, sweUing, and pain in a joint, with or without
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practice of early opening these abscesses on the inside of the mouth
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the extensor surfaces of the forearms, and then on the trunk, these being
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a considerable number of small spheroidal cells, many of which, in
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relief in the pain of brain tumpr than in almost any other affection charac-

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