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urine cools slightly. When the tablet, or solution, of potassium mercuric

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suria is at once developed, and the same condition ensues if the gland is

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all the tissues. On account of the circles of spines they are extremely diffi-

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istered as a rapidly acting diffusible stimulant. In some cases in which

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experience that a very large proportion of patients state that hitherto they

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have some degree of a yielding motion in the living body. This

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so that the variety among themselves is not less than between them

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instances may, however, be cited as illustrative of the facts. Thus it is

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card with these eggs, having a written account of the experiment

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of almost all of a large number of pertussis patients. Morphologically

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acute anterior poliomyelitis, that is, involvement of the cells in the anterior

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cases that rheumatism attacks the aortic valves and leaves the mitral valves

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The diet should be liquid and consist of milk, with a little pancreatin

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the ear. If the pain is not too great, the patient may continually clear his

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bacilhis may be obtained from the cancellous tissue of the bodies of

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case, while in other instances it may be impossible to tell to which class

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one would imagine that the enamel is first formed ; but the bony

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the surface of the body. The skin is dry and badly nourished, and extrava-

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of the parent from the moment of being laid, as the silk-worm, &c.

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many cases, as in influenza, or more rarely in pneumonia. Still more

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The duration of pleural effusion varies very greatly. Small effusions are

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under Endocarditis, or apocynum cannabinum may be used, or the digi-

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Diagnosis. — ^The symptoms of basilar leptomeningitis, whatever its cause,

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The posterior and inner portion of the masseter is narrower at its

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report the number of cases of gonorrhoea and syphilis which they had treated

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Cammidge has advocated a test for glycerin derivatives in the urine as

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the carotid arteries does not cause ursemic symptoms, because it has been

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fore the second grinder of the adult has made its appearance through

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ferential diagnosis. Fever is usually not present unless the purulent process

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gout, it is to be remembered that the popularity of these salts depends more

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Diagnosis. — As stated in the article on Tuberculosis, hoarseness which is

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Definition. — Hydronephrosis is a condition in which because of obstruc-

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which as a result of cicatrization and contraction scars and deformities

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The number of columns in different torpedos of the size of that

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against syphilitic infection subsequently. This is known as Colles' law.

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hsemoglobin, but considerable quantities of albumin and globulin. Not

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often in the stage of sporulation. So intense may be the swelling and con-

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animal. To expose the large organ to view nothing more is neces-

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it is of a brownish-gray colour, something like the brown or gray

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upon, but the most conspicuous change is in the intima, beneath the endothelial layer of which there

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against the lower lip capillary pulsation is readily seen, in that the color of

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and large vacuolated cells, called by Virchow leprosy cells. These cells

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for the cotyledons to form upon, as in those of ruminating animals ;*

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sites may be found in the vessels of the brain and a malarial neuritis has

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exists when no tubercles have been present. The primary areas of tubercu-

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to be the human species, to the most perfectly carnivorous, viz.

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