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purpose the ordinary forms of treatment for gonorrhoea are to be followed.
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and its existence is rarely recognizable before autopsy. It aftects males far
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more frequently in women than in men, and has been associated in many
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knowledge of it, but no one has as yet been able to give us a clear conception
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during this period at the Hopital Trousseau, where serum was not employed,
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usually a multiple neuritis and does not affect one nerve alone. (See Multiple
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there is little fluid exudate, the small quantities present being found in
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cases, it might prevent the gum from being torn. It is also a
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collected by me from various sources, 454 occurred in men and 362 in women.
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in 100 fatal cases. Preble believes that while pneumonia is more common in
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The presence of feeble and distant heart sounds, the absence of a definite
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The area covered by the false membrane varies greatly in different cases.
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centres, or in the optic tract. (See Fig. 128.) It is important to remember
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and the intestine by a purge or a large enema. AlcohoHc stimulants, as a
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It is vitally important, so far as prognosis is concerned, for patients suf-
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tion of the bowel. A sudden fall of several degrees should always arouse
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the temperature, as shown in the following chart (Fig. 13).
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rarely surviving after the third day. In these cases, too, although it is not
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parasites may linger after apparent clinical recovery. The appendix may
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in such we shall see at once the different strata above-mentioned. This
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aggregate number for the United States reaching over 900. The disease
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general system becomes affected, not by the micro-organism of the disease,
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other genera of perennibranchiata have subsequently been described, and the
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occur they are due to defective approximation of the different aortic cusps
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descending portion 110 times, the great difference in the relative frequency
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Etiology. — The causes of chronic gastritis are very numerous. In the
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Curschmann indicates further the influence of age on the prognosis.
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gous to the iliac bones; but as they give attachment to the crura penis, and as
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dinal electricity, I was able, in the public exhibitions of my experi-
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to believe that uric acid causes gout. While Kolisch's theory may be imper-
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and diarrhoea and even fever may be present in such cases, the patient at
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directly as sources of infection and how much as agents which, by dimin-
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paraplegia may be developed, or severe pain may be felt in those parts of the
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olism is seriously impaired and that tissue breakdown is marked. Mani-
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reported from Cyprus and Sicily, and Manson reports a case from the West
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is easily made if the symptoms just described are present. It is not,
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usually takes place if proper treatment is administered. So, too, in cases
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kenzie found that pneumonia, or pleurisy, occurred in about 10 per cent,
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are combined. Finally there can be no doubt that the inhalation of various
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down toward the pelvis. The mobility is of great diagnostic value, for if
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uric acid predisposes the patient to its deleterious influences, and these
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of expiration in the part involved. This is a physical sign of very great
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These remarks have so far dealt with regurgitant conditions. In stenosis
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ciety make it almost impossible to be ascertained. From their form-
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aids to diagnosis; but neither of these methods is readily employed by
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masses of parenchyma, which undergo atrophy from pressure. The condi-

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