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onset, and is often as high as 105° within twelve hours. As a rule, (his
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Further than this it has long been recognized that this epidemic form of
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into the blood, it is oxidized and forms the indoxyl sulphate of potassium just
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attacks of chills and fever do not cease if quinine is given, prove that malaria
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until the disease has lasted several years, when they may waste from disuse.
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amount of healthy exercise carried to the point of fatigue, but not of exhaus-
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the marsupial quadrupeds, yet Dr. Shaw was so blind to the true methods
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Third, Fourth, and Sixth Nerves. ^The movements of the eyeballs depend,
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0.1 per cent solution of mercuric chloride into the head of the worm or into
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so copious that the parts are deformed and incapacitated by roughening of
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they are rather hurtful than useful, for in that case we are obliged
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Manner of Infection. — There is one case of experimental inoculation on
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The relation of heightened stress to arteriosclerosis is one of the problems
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through the mucous membrane of the larynx, bronchial tubes, or smaller
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duodenal ulcer are not recognized unless perforation does occur, and it is
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clots, and if it remains in the stomach any length of time it may become
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and chest for a moment, in order to produce a certain amount of shock and
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tions is difficult to be estabhshed, but they are more than double the
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of pain and of spasm. From an acute ascending myelitis it is separated by
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If the patient is directed to look upward, downward, or inward he is unable
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attack of looseness of the bowels. The patient suffers from wretchedness,
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are intended to result in the obtaining of the drug which is desired, the
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bladder due to chronic cholecystitis arising from gallstones. (See Chole-
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is very doubtful whether when adrenalin is placed in the stomach it is not
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chiefly in children or infants, and which is characterized by hyperplasia of
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gree, common to all molluscous animals, and the anus is thus brought into com-
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growth require of its heart more than it can provide. In young adults who
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and serious. It not infrequently happens that a septic embolus not only plugs
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This will arise from those teeth being more liable to become rotten;
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therefore, not perforated by the rising of the tooth, as inferred in the text, but
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If the gall-bladder, which is distended by retained bile and gallstones, can
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ceived the influence of respiration. They pass along with the
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4 per cent. These are, however, postmortem figures, and do not represent
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patient, should be disinfected thoroughly as soon as their function is per-
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occur with increasing frequency as old age is approached, but the statistics of
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