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these casss the paralysis is never so complete as in the peripheral type, the

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worms die, and eventually all the ova are evacuated. This process may

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open ; for on that occasion the angle of the jaw is tilted backwards,

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of unaffected skin can be found between the groups of papules. It has been

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the infected districts do not develop leprosy, while their brothers and sisters

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and, after acute symptoms subside, mercurial ointment and elastic pressure

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red colour. This shows that it is only those parts that were formed

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or forming vegetations, and even of the affected leaflet or adjacent myocar-

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will be considered further. By the time they have worked above

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catarrh with thickening and the proliferation of an exudate about the parts.

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finger, in much the same way that a pill might be made by such a rolling

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This is the form of stenosis which is often of a very advanced type, so that

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intestine of cats and dogs, but it is considerably smaller in size and does

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to various parts of the body for nutritional purposes.

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Other diseases give this reaction, such as tuberculosis and some cases of

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better results can be obtained from hygienic methods and from mental train-

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length, and from 0.3 to 0.8 in breadth. It usually appears singly, in groups

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from a bronchitis kettle in the air of the room in which the patient lives.

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Diagnosis. — ^There are several states that resemble the pain of floating kid-

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be taken as the natural form of delirium in the disease. Later the stupid

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whom Bollinger may be taken as a leader, have observed it that its existence

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surfaces covered with the button-like orifices of the sinuses, is character-

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worthy that in emphysema these open spaces are surrounded by thin walls

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others the process chiefly affects the white matter. A limited form of this

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until most of the chloroform is evaporated, then adding metallic mercury to

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somewhat bulging or "chicken-breast" appearance. In the neighborhood

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accessions of lymphangitis. When the deeper lymphatics are involved, the

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operating. This may be done by unilateral catheterization.

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may bring on a long train of obscure and dangerous symptoms, both

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tubercle formation was observed, chromatolysis only being present. The

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and falls over, or bumps into articles of furniture. When the disease is

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