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from thirty minutes to an hour the wire is disconnected from the battery,
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The chief causative factor in tetanus is the presence of a wound through
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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis of diabetes mellitus is easily made if the physi-
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tions, but all protected by a bony aimour analogous to that of the armadillos,
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hsematics. If digestion is impaired it should be aided by hydrochloric acid
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methylene blue the chains of streptococci can readily be found under the
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Jaminet, Bauer, and Woodward, who made many observations during the
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notable changes presented postmortem in any of the organs of the body are
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stimulate the circulation at the same time that the gas is expelled, and when
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different from the normal, but sometimes it is hurried, and then forms
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very much enlarged. In pneumonic cases the bronchi are injected and
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brum fail to develop, and as a consequence a number of very characteristic
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2. The serum should be injected, by means of a syringe or bulb, through
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upon the back are placed transversely, to contract the body later-
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which should be allowed patients suffering from Bright's disease. Some
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of Re, and had there every convenience for prosecuting them to their
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Varicose groin glands is a varicose condition of the superficial and deep
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from the one described by Czaplewski and Hensel, which they have named
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the production of normal tissues The majority of children suffering from
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If a surgeon of experience cannot be obtained, medical treatment will
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Etiology. — The chief etiological factors in this disease are the specific
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cavity took place. An ulcer in the appendix may perforate or an inter-
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tants. Other substances, such as phosphorus and chlorate of potassium,
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gerhans in the pancreas and in the circulation of the liver are also followed
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Pathology and Morbid Anatomy, — Duodenal ulcers are usually single, but
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Diarrhoea is the symptom or condition, above all others, in some cases, but
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systolic murmur due to this secondary leak, but in some instances the
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disease characterized by moderate changes in the parenchyma of the kidney
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places, that cases are extremely rare among the physicians, nurses, quar-
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motion of the condyle of the lower jaw. The surface of the cavity
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of the mucous membranes offers a path for infection by the tubercle bacillus
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was not to be met with in Greenland, Denmark, Africa, and parts of Asia
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If the narrowing of the auriculoventricular orifice is not progressive, and
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whiskey, rye whiskey, and dry gin are better than most wines. The various
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be seen traversing it. Tapping the knuckles of intestine through the
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given to the genus in question in consequence of this binding together of the
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Treatment. — The treatment consists in the use of sedatives, such as the
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with very superficial erosions from one-eighth to one-fourth of an inch in
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affected are not, however, seriously disorganized, and the swelling may
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digitalis as an alcoholic stimulant to the heart and kidneys. Rest in bed
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palpitation and dyspnoea on exertion. It is important to bear in mind that
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ized or general. Immediately after these symptoms evidences of loss of
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tion of cases (75 per cent.), but it is not present in all, and in no case is it to
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form concretions. This earth is sometimes contained in the fluids, and is only
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ened, bloody mucus, but there is no difficulty in separating this from the

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