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Citrine Stone Jewelry

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than the other, and loss of accommodation may occur. In other
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ance of active delirium or profound apathy. All these symptoms are quite
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thereby throws an increased strain on the left ventricle and the mitral valves
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curative influence upon the progress of the disease. Electricity is useless.
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even four quarts. Under these circumstances, the lower border of the
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death is at hand, if he can find breath to speak. The expression of the face
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Round another table stood five persons insulated. Two brass
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size. The expansion of the vesicles, as in large-lunged emphysema, is most
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ually rose till it reached 105°, at which time convulsions developed, and he
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of morphine in adequate doses, as much as ^ a grain being used if needed,
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ical fall of temperature takes place with a suddenness and completeness
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an inflammatory process, which in turn arises chiefly from the spread of
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hooping cough, spasms of particular parts, either by intervals or
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tions, prognosis must always be guarded. If the febrile, gastric, and renal
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to draw at least the first grinder, and perhaps, some time after, the
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persons, however, the prognosis may be unfavorable from the onset,
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lesion is probably at the sphenoidal fissure or within the orbit, reflex wink-
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Typhoid fever can be discovered by the state of the tongue, that of the
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seen in typical interstitial nephritis. In this form (small white kidney) the
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many cases, it at times becomes severe, chiefly because of the complications
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may cause small abscesses in the liver substance outside their walls, and these
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5on pain as well as anaesthesia is often met with. The pulse is quickened
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toxaemia, and the patient lies in a state of deep prostration, indifferent to
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life. In the second decade ear disease is the common cause, and in the
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while the constant, moderate "soaker" is more prone to hepatic cirrhosis
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the symptoms of influenza are chiefly gastrointestinal or nervous.
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Hoffmann's anodyne and strychnine are valuable, as is also the aromatic
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thickening and overgrowth of the muscular fibres in the pyloric portion of
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a considerable number of persons suffering from exophthalmic goitre, with
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of the necessity of combining observation of the living habits of animals, with
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dangerous than the pursuance of such a policy. A very large proportion

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