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^ Loeb, Oentralbl. fiir Bacteriologie und Parasitenkunde, ii. 353, 1887 ; Pfeiffer, ibid.,

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broth ; he is careful to watch the condition of the heart ; after

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years did so survive, and one named after President Lincoln

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to the capacity of the infant's stomach ? (4) Does it possess

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The treatment of scarlet fever is that of the symptoms, together

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of the vascular areas of mammals; and these are but a few of dozens

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notic, a result of hypnotic suggestion. In nervous diseases

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but will succeed with arsenic and bark, and with the iodides

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observed laterally and posteriorly. The angle of Louis is prominent,

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from the indigestion of the nitrogenous foods. This juice,

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Pathology. — There are no special anatomic lesions that charac-

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morbid products, may take place, and this disintegration is associated

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the patient to whom it is novel, while, on the other hand, the hydro-

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great pallor, sweating, and pain in the bowels, in fact, a gen-

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This procedure was repeated daily. He reported again at Long Branch ten

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tis great care must be taken to recognize heart-changes, and fatal results

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course convalescence is slow and gradual, and may be uninterrupted by

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fever and prostration becoming profound, a tendency to abscess-forma-

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each repetition, is practised every hour until the water temperature

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dry, croupy cough. Frequently the symptoms are those of a catarrhal

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observed during the past seven years in the Hydriatric Institute, when

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to the spine, and Fleury' s douche consists of the shower and jet

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reliable source. The use of tuberculin is contraindicated in

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chicken, 2% hours; fried beef, 4 hours; roasted chicken and

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regulating the temperature, duration, pressure, and technique of the

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Virchow, science can only recognize one cause, previous life.

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little carbohydrates, and fulfil various indications in diet.

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greater giving off of water, chiefly from the lungs, this diminution of

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the solution. In using the solution have it at a temperature

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strate that a change from the antithermic procedures (ice baths and

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interesting tables of the percentage of protein, fat, etc., in

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