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gestion unless it is in turn associated with a true pneumonic process.
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middle tendon. Yet some of its anterior belly does not arise from
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is quickly developed. The belly is distended and painful upon pressure.
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that the renal lesion has resulted in poor resistance, but in addition the task
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considerably contract during the growth of the child, and thus create a discre-
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The order for actual reduction of weight consists in cutting from the diet
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gum down to the teeth with certainty, when they are pretty deep,
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who have made a special study of alcoholism also recognize that there is a
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" 9. The deglutable India-rubber bag of Tiirck and Hemmeter is passed
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sion went to the extreme of purging with saline cathartics, and even with
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gonococcus usually is secondary to venereal infection, it is to be remembered
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overgrowth of the connective tissue is not marked until a later period. Thus,
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inflammatory, and diapedesis of white and red cells takes place as a part
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a disordered digestion without causing any benefit. If the fever is excessive
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usually first seen on the hands, both the palmar and extensor surfaces,
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extremities on the side opposite the lesion, because the growth begins to
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of brain tumor it must be evident that medicinal treatment can do nothing
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being, it is known as the Cysticercus cellulosa. These cysts vary in size from
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The acute form is ushered in by a train of symptoms which necessarily
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clear view of the condition. In cardiac hypertrophy the distinct apex beat,
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An interesting form of tumor of the thyroid is the so-called carcino-
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statistics are valueless. Osier states that he saw more cases in Montreal
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is thought to be abdominal, particularly if the base of the lung is involved.
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may be used. During the fever the patient may be reUeved by a tepid
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small bowel, but are also present in the large intestine as well.
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from the bites of the anopheles by the use of mosquito bars, particularly
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it is of a brownish-gray colour, something like the brown or gray
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duces so much irritation and inflammation that the stomach, oesophagus, and
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food should be provided. Not infrequently the child which fails to improve
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pose that many of the old ones are, from accidents of various kinds,
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is present and muscular rigidity is noticeable, while the movements are
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skin usually exists. Patients with these manifestations usually die, but
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Electricity may be used in the form of the galvanic current, the positive
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