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tractions if irritated, but the bladder and rectum are not paralyzed. The

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But swarming appears to be rather an operation arising from

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over the nerve trunks, and especially by deep pressure upon the muscle bellies

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it is punctured and pressed upon, discharges pus and cloudy serum. If

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made a collected investigation in regard to this matter, and have obtained

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There is no need of any great delicacy in the operation, the

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of the heart, so that attacks of syncope come on from acute vascular relaxa-

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periods of remission or partial recovery. Autopsy in those cases of myas-

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The medullary, or spheroidal-cell type, is the most rapid in its growth,

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that the ventricular walls increase in thickness without undergoing any

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ence have gone so far as to assert that no case of the morphine habit is ever

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ward. The principal symptoms of sprue are sore mouth, diarrhoea, and

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Embolism can be determined by the sudden onset of symptoms during

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in widely separated areas, and without any dependence upon lines of

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The prognosis of haemoptysis so far as its causing immediate death is

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cases are due to this cause. In many cases this accident is prevented

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munication between it and the common oviduct. In dissecting

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should not be subjected to this method, nor should patients who are suffer-

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that high-pitched resonance is often met with in that part of the lung which

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in the loiver limbs so that it is difficult for the patient to move about. The

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ously ill, and in still others of a severe type the systemic state may be one

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of air, followed by a sudden inspiration through the narrowed glottic open-

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Incisores — Of the Cuspidatus — Of the Bicuspides — Of the Grinders —

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tractures develop, and fingers and toes slough away. In the older cases the

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patient. After the kidneys have once become so inactive that the urine

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acute pleuritis, and pericarditis, but there is nothing about these lesions

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plate of the alveolar process is depressed, so as to form a flutingf

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Hoffmann's anodyne in drachm doses every two hours in cool water is

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it to its middle state. It will be necessary in the description of

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offensive and the tongue sioollen. If the disease is severe the patient may

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receive some light luncheon, consisting of a cup of broth, a piece of toast,

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tended in birth, and in this way the finer bile-ducts may have been obstructed.

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Next to arsenic in value is cimicifuga, given in the dose of ^ drachm of

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