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in children and adults who are usually in poor health with diminished
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mation about the facial nerve as it passes through the stylomastoid
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of hsemoglobin. Headache, neuralgia, loss of appetite, constipation, and
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best heard just inside the apex beat when it first develops, but later it can
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Hot compresses may be applied about the painful limbs. Great mental excite-
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tinged, due to the ulceration of small bloodvessels in the part surrounding
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develops very rarely. The mind gradually fails, the mental failure being
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tuberculous pleurisies. From what has been said, it is evident that the sub-
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On the hind legs are three toes, the middle one large, and the two
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Diagnosis. — This condition must be separated from diphtheria, which can
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treated with antitoxin none died. In 1216 cases of tetanus treated by
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their connection with those related to them, so as in some measure to
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periosteum, and the alveolar cavity will also often remain lined by a similar
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vertebra, which, above the point shown, has exposed the spinal canal, but had not, in this case, com-
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on a culture medium of agar and defibrinated rabbits' blood. This is
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tions of the vagina or cervix, and prostatic involvement, call for appropriate
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longing to the oeconomy of bees. Before they have formed five or
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present continued fever with remissions in its course, the so-called remit-
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1 grain of capsicum, and \ grain of extract of nux vomica. This should
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the auricle to dilate beyond its ordinary capacity, and if the excess of
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cases is very variable. In some there is none, in others it appears only when
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in which the caves to be spoken of are situated; and over these hills the main
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The first thing to be considered is the cure of the decaying state
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red; the hoiuels are constipated, and there may be epigastric distress fol-
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that which was given for the treatment of ordinary secondary anaemia, except
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Most of the shell-fish are useful, but contain too much glycogen.
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by dimness of vision, diplopia, and ptosis, associated with marked weakness
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the face and ears; the nodules are palpable as distinct, tough, flattened masses
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is, they are not to be used unless they are certainly needed to combat some
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one, because it does not occur until a considerable quantity of blood flows
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be present. Upon the face and about the joints there develops an array

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