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Tuberculosis of the Pericardium. — Like tuberculosis of the pleura, peri-

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nerve fibres, in the formation of the pharyngeal plexus which supplies the

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paralysis is due to the wasting. The reflexes are diminished or lost in

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there was undeniable evidence that the diagnosis was correct.

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most affected. The sense of taste may also be perverted and the sense of

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is called the neck ; and from this place the fangs begin.* When

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Dulness and other mental symptoms suggesting paresis.

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upon the body of the scion tooth, but not so near the gum as in the

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cause of the illness. If streptococci are found in the sputum in large numbers

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manner that these effects were produced by animal electricity. He placed eight

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with the -vague notions entertained by Hunter, and even by some in the present

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performed. For the details as to the exact technique of these operative

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The worm is taken into the body through the stomach. The males and

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sity. Oftentimes the patient attempts to find relief by lying on the stomach

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occurs about the time of puberty. In fully developed adults it is represented

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the eyebrows disappear. The expressioyi is altered by the obliteration of the

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bedded in the jaw, the vessels and nerves which had entered into the composition

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If it is due to a large area of the lung being incapacitated by consolidation, it

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thickness, there is atrophy of the lining mucous membrane, and the mus-

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under treatment so late as the beginning of the third week, since reaction to

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other cases corrosive sublimate 1 : 5000 may be employed by injection. In

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beyond the needs of the patient, the prognosis in a case in which it is present

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food. Treatment of the fever is symptomatic. The most important pre-

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this, one made with toast and anchovy or caviar. Often an egg, cooked

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maggot live in a cold of 60° or 70°, nor even their chrysalis. This

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a night's rest he feels as weary in the morning as when he went to bed. The

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Osier has pointed out that in persons subject to the erythematous erup-

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until finally the patient can only be aroused with the greatest difficulty, if

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hohsm, and diabetes. Indeed, these three states contribute a very large pro-

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infection, it may arise in the course of some affection characterized by wide-

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should not be allowed. Easily digested starches, such as rice and corn-

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undergo hypertrophy. The general system still requires as much blood

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under treatment so late as the beginning of the third week, since reaction to

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comfort; but if the child is very ill, it should not be allowed to lie in one

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amidst the various modifications to which each organ is subject in reference to

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