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Paroxetine Side Effects Nausea

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ner. Ein von der rechten Stirnhalfte ausgehemies, me-

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that when, in a case of acute generalised urticaria, a part of the surface

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should be undertaken only when all other means of escape have

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these cases. I think the treatment advocated is the only correct one,

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50. Diagnosis of Meningitis. — The various symptoms indi-

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asphyxia and the like, as in that event he would have traced,

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has good compensation, he is to be allowed to do everything

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bowels with frothy, pale, often pultaceous stools, flatulent

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The author of the paper had spoken of the success of his treatment depending

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but is soft, thin and smooth where the body is protected by clothing

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tion ; disposal of slops ; house and soil drainage ; in short,

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months of 1922, communities voted $11,000,000 for school build-

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Result: complete healing of secondary pyoderma with

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The medical officer should take charge of these records, make proper

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Some of these latter methods of treatment are not to be despised, but

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and slanderer of Xewton, whilst in all probability his ingenuity

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fought in the battles of Austerlitz and Jena, shared in

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the abdominal tension became very high, and the wall

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man, having told so much, should not have stated where she left it,

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and safe hypnotic, more prompt in its action than any

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occasionally passed pieces of tapeworm. Her bowels were

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remedies. This required an enquiry into the production of

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Affections of Children, p. 42. — 7. See paper. Med. Chir. Trans, vol. lxxx. — 8. T. S.

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into the system did all the peculiar symptoms yield, and from

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entire skin, and accompanied with the development of a medullary tumour

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tick D. occidentalis spreads the disease— a conclusion which he lias

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neck. The nostril of the same side suddenly appears to be

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Messrs, "Wm. "Wood & Co. announce the translation of a Cyclopanlia of the Prac-

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your issue of the 22(1 instant. Dr. Van Arsdalo is (juoted aH say-

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all classes. No housekeeper and no physician should be with-

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rely much upon soda and iodine, as calculated to fit the system to be

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Tr, Pan - Am. M. Cong. 1893, Wash., 1895, pt. 2, 1285- 1297,

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damage to the eye, and she consented to have this done. An

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contain. 4. Animal food should be given every day, as it acts

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Case n. (Communicated by Dr. Bogan, of Washington, D. C.) — " Was

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