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condition occurs much more frequently in boys than in girls.

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haustion, and in still other cases it may be dependent upon growths which,

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is chiefly responsible for the vascular degeneration, it is hardly necessary

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for only a few weeks. The prognosis as to recovery is good, the mortality

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maaria, and intestinal intoxication. The view has been advanced that

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Morbid Anatomy. — What the changes are in the early stages of this malady

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R." is always employed. It is a very much more powerful product than

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made. Occasionally cases are met with in which the pain is less spasmodic

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appear to be generated in it for some time ; while a part, separated

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agents; that is to say, many different causes are responsible for it rather

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pulled upward, and the left lung drawn well over to the right side of the

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account given by the Abbe Spallanzani, those of the island of Cerigo

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vaginitis in children, some cases being only three months old. If it gains

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monstrable, or so severe as to threaten life. The thorax should be frequently

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in which the fibres of the nerve outside of the medulla have been pressed

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the diffuse and the localized. In the diffuse form the entire tube is dilated,

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oxalate is insoluble, the oxalates of potassium and sodium are not insoluble,

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to what is now denominated "heart-block." In this state the auricles

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are found in the ulcers in the neighboring lymph spaces and sometimes 'in

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may vary from eighteen to ninety days, according to the number of

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sweet oil. Even with the best of treatment the prognosis is anything but

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matter, and the consistency of the organ to touch and on section resembles

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of pustulation or necrosis present during the acute stage. Not only do

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cord, even as low as the sixth or seventh cervical nerve roots. They spring

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eneration of the epithelium of the kidneys. The chief symptoms are

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of power in from a few hours to several days. The muscles of the lower part

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so that the man becomes bedridden in a few days. The symptoms of car-

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Minute yellow points are surrounded by a red area. Always discrete.

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slough or become gangrenous. Death usually comes rapidly to such cases.

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becomes too violent. Under these circumstances it is well to combine with

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state, like that of the charged phial: that when they are thus charged,

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"saddle-leather sound," in that it resembles the creaking of an ordi-

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clot does not contract to any extent, and therefore does not squeeze out the

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bers die ; therefore a common bee is obliged to feed and live in

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walled, with irregular elevations at points, taking on more or less fully the

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usually tends to ulcerate early, and is followed by metastasis and direct

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man, while the paretic has a very much more optimistic view and often insists

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changes, but they cannot cure those in existence. If the patient is difficult

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The second great preventive of tuberculosis is sunlight, for sunlight

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first, a summer's evening in this country is commonly too cold for

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by the Bacillus mallei — can scarcely be mistaken for any other disease.

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Treatment, — The treatment of ursemia depends to some extent upon the

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Economics of Solar