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line of the ribs is usually sharply defined, by reason of the fact that they
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once saw the second grinder naturally wanting on one side of the
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not wound his attendants. His sufl^erings should be relieved by morphine
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The movements affect the upper extremities more than the lower extremi-
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induced almost all subsequent practitioners to abandon its employment. Nothing
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' Those interested in the effect of temperature, season, and milk supply upon infant mortality should
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a good rule for the physician to examine the condition of the thoracic viscera
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and even the entire body is dwarfed. Finally, this same cause produces
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or his mouth closed by such an inhaler, as his desire for ordinary air is too
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perhaps may depend upon some congenital defect, which as yet we do not
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general or localized; it is excruciating when associated with middle-
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and, second, by observations upon man. Thus, it is possible by the external
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by the development of secondary growths in neighboring parts, where they
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broadening of the cortex. The medullary pyramids, while often lighter in color
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petuated by the misapplication of the term abscess. It consists of nothing more
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stimulants, as alcohol; and occasionally, if the circulation becomes feeble,
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consists in the use of tampons wet with adrenalin chloride, 1 : 1000, or gelatin
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The liver and kidneys are enlarged, hypersemic, and show cloudy swell-
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be given freely, and 1 or 2 drachms of Hoffmann's anodyne should be admin-
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The most constant and severe s}Tiiptom is, in nearly all cases, the deep-
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in the juices of our body, and thrown out from these parts, which
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means rarely happens that feebleness of the heart, which results in poor cir-
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in many instances is too slight to be discovered, so that it is to be borne in
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more than twelve months. The duration of life was greater in those treated
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agents must be prescribed with the same care as governs our employment
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uinhilication are noteworthy points in differentiating it from that of smallpox. On account of .shrink-
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neighborhood of the heart. This pseudoangina is characterized by a sensa-
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or sclerosis of the valves, which comes on insidiously, is frequently asso-
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of a catarrhal condition of the stomach and bowels.
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cystic duct becomes the lodging-place for a stone are chiefly enlargement of
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emphysematous change. If marked bronchial irritation is present, the cough
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tain area, or several areas, of the vesicular portion of the lung is deprived
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ease," "tunnel anaemia," "tropical chlorosis," and "hook-worm disease,"
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disease is in its fully developed stage the skin of the face may be quite swollen
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of profound unconsciousness which is rather a syncope than a coma, such as
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are not enlarged to such an extent as to be out of proportion to the shaft,
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seen in typical interstitial nephritis. In this form (small white kidney) the
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should be warned against severe exercise while using this drug, and often
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being no scrotum for their reception. The vesiculae seminales are
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movements of the stomach can be felt through the abdominal wall, and their
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inflammation is very considerable, and often of long continuance.*
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movement. An irregular fever is very constantly present. When the disease

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