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This percentage held true of adults as well as of children. Naegeli also

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In some cases, on the other hand, the bacilli, in the presence of the resist-

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and I should suspect that where these experiments were made (and

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rect. Many animals upon the impression of cold, coil themselves

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answers the same end as the burning the nerve, but with much

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much more correct, although not seemingly under the same neces-

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no diagnostic value. A workman may feel only weak and feeble, his hands

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cases 75 were in women and only 23 in men, and other clinicians have noted

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While in the majority of cases these positive signs of croupous pneumonia

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" This experiment was repeated, and the maggots selected to be

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about 1050 specimens, of which there are 259 belonging to the vertebrate classes

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moved with the condyle, from one part of that surface to another.

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more rarely on the limbs. These spots are small, faint macules, usually

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When the pains are intolerable they may be controlled by moderate doses

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The most important variations from what may be called the normal

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ease; but if the muscles are irritated bv oercussion or are allowed to rest and

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depends on some change (atrophy) in the thymus and has formulated a

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enlarged mass of glands may be excised and examined microscopically to

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ment of the slowly and rapidly interrupted faradic current. In those cases

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Those whom I have known have not been able to attribute this

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an infected area; instill others the infection takes place more directly, as in

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mal blood is used. An exact estimate of the strength of the solution and of

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panied by blood-tinged sputum. If of a dribbling type it may inundate a

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vision is destroyed. In the greater number of these cases the ophthalmo-

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posed of a tablespoonful each of powdered allspice, cloves, nutmeg, and

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unrest and mental depression, and not rarely some vertigo on changing the

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known as the Plasmodium malctrioB, the haematozoon of malarial fever, or,

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there is venous stasis in the abdomen. (See Hepatic Cirrhosis.) In haemop-

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with considerable force. Because of the large quantities of fluid lost by tliis

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pneumonia, w^hich are much aided in their development by repeated

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at the bases of the lungs posteriorly from hypostatic congestion, with cough

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or similar stimulants for the purpose of aiding the patient at this time is

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the auricle, than it also receives part of the blood it has just sent into the

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means uncommon to see a child so paralyzed that it can neither move

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the milk of a single cow disagrees with the child or does not contain all the

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