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At times croupous pneumonia may occur in epidemic form and cause

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does not require treatment. When it becomes severe, rest in bed should be

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rally is the largest, stands at a greater distance on the inside of the

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cases of gastrointestinal disorder. Syphilis may cause it (see Syphilis of

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Prognosis and Mortality. — The prognosis in whooping-cough as in most

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accompanied by acute inflammation, and in the other type the disease

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Diagnosis. — The presence of chill, fever, and sweat in any case should

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serum and not to healthy serum. From this test culture a proper dilution

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internally, as in other animals ; but the external shape and that of

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§ [The dolphin has generally one, but sometimes two at a birth, according to

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temperature often to over 105°, and with this there is an improvement

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General Comparisons between the Motion of the Jaw in young

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The pain may either be in the tooth itself or the alveolar process,

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these changes are the result of aestivo-autumnal infection.

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epithelium, the so-called "cellular necrosis of Ebstein." A so-called gly-

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matic subjects who have never suffered from the acute form of the disease.

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tion;' but there is this important difference, namely, that the cavities in

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of the closed vessel becomes engorged ; polymorphonuclear leukocytes accum-

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tissues, it may be advisable to inject it into the cerebrospinal fluid, inserting

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were so severe that he believed the patient to be suffering from homicidal

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or round, or ovoid in form, and, in the centre, masses of dark pigment accu-

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as the cavity of the body of the tooth is filled up by the ossification,

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The evacuations, at first feculent, become mucoid and finally consist

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disease have repeatedly occurred on crowded ships and in periods of famine.

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diseases, or in cases of heart disease in which there is cephalic congestion.

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"When thyroidectomy is performed do not remove the entire gland. Remove

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culty and the state of the other kidney. When the closure is congenital

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In the terminating part there are a number of perforations into

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ritis are severe, remarkable recovery may ensue if the patient is removed

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hue than normal. Later, as the attack wanes, it becomes soft and darker

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The tremor not only involves the head and arms but extends to the legs

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abdomen is very much protruded. The legs are short and bent, as in rickets,

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becomes turbid, and iodoform is precipitated in crystals. If this fluid is

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physician endeavors to straighten them, it is found that the muscles are rigid

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atmospheres of steam pressure, thus ensuring the destruction of any germ

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