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knee of the internal capsule, for at this point the fibres which convey
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been extravasated takes place to some degree, new connective tissue is pro-
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resides in the vagus nerves, which possess efferent and afferent fibres, not only
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The disease is known to affect almost entirely the rice-eating peoples, and
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develops in myriads on the nasal and bronchial mucous membranes and in
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over the spine, and small doses of aconite and the bromides used to allay
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material. This material is present in such excessive quantities that the
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Von Jaksch believes that this malady separates itself from a true leuksemia
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autopsy the mucous membi-ane lining the bowel presents a peculiar pallor,
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lining layer of the cysts and the formation of crystals of cholesterin, and to
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hyoideus muscle. From the lower edge of this tendon some fibres
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of producing such effects kills them soon, by which means vast num-
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attack by the use of alcohol, and therefore the odor of alcohol on his
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This condition is to be separated from the hyperfesthesia due to gastric
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a vast number of air vessels, passing into them, and ramifying upon
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two parts. So far as recovery is concerned, this is out of the question. So
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These scales inclose, as it were, the rectum or anus all round ;
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recover from that particular attack. Sometimes the Cheyne-Stokes breath-
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albuminuric retinitis; (d) albuminuric neuroretinitis , and (e) albuminuric
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The atrophy of the parenchyma of the liver in the true atrophic form
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patient is seized with a chill followed by high fever, or rapid pulse, pro-
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is, they are not to be used unless they are certainly needed to combat some
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type of the disease is present, but in the early stages, or in the aberrant forms
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Symptoms. — The symptoms of syringomyelia consist in loss of pain sense
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gastric cancer, in certain forms of purpura, in haemophilia, and in persons
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take place through the pericardium, the mediastinal tissues, the vertebrae.
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indirect effect when the voice is much used. Another cause, particularly in
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They have very little excrement, but what they do discharge is
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an extra quantity of acid solution should be added. If cloudiness is pro-
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of magnesium. For the purpose of keeping the kidneys active 5 grains of
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When the ulcerative type is present, it is a condition but one degree
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nerve of a centric character, the patient does not find it easy to hear in the
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spinal cord, for it sometimes follows an acute illness due to a micro-organism,
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altogether exercises a beneficial influence upon the local lesion. These
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in the lungs, particularly when opportunity exists for infection by dust,
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and spotted and streaked with bright blood. Physical examination shows
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endangered by inanition, and if the use of a bougie fails to overcome the
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when we are subdividing these great classes into their different
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ataxic, but usually simulate those of spastic paraplegia in a striking degree.
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vented by frequent and thorough lavage, and are to be combated, when
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After this has been accomplished 5 to 10 grains of the citrate of potassium
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Diagnosis. — From true leukaemia pseudoleukaemia is to be separated
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The complications and sequelae are treated in the following manner:
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active infection during the early part of an attack of typhoid fever. Jaundice

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