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wrists. There were also frequent sensations of chilliness, which

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anxiety continued during different lengths of time, and in different de-

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dies with profitless results ; my treatment proved too often ineffectual ;

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painful, and its temperature became so disagreeable to the patient that

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Lee, John K., M.D., 3800 Chestnut St., PhiladelpMa.

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at once saw that there was something unusual in the case ; and, after a

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deeply, and has a very sharply marked periphery, not merging gradually

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F. Allen, A.M., M.D., New York. Seventeenth Annual Report of the

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Now in this case some blood must have been passing through the tibial

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developed, and disappeared with equal rapidity. In the course of a

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a case of fever in which you cannot give an emetic, there are two or

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1 p. m. Has taken eight grains of tartar emetic since six o^ clock yes-

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horn for about four inches, making it inflexible. Attached to the

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proper but insufficient, the disease had progressed ; it was an example

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ing hand, and we anticipate a volume wMch will be an honor, as well as a

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he at once diagnosed incomplete stricture of the intestine. The pain-

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has a mitigated tropical climate, which may be compared favorably

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pensary has been in quiet but successful operation for ten years, and

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Exactly the same train of phenomena, and in a similar order of succession,

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it is only necessary to say that this l>ook, like his

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nervous system ; so in the delirium we are now about to consider, the

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being taken, and the infide of the Hives, as alfo the

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did not vomit at all, but was comparatively comfortable. Up to the

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New Remedies, according to the Parts of the Body Acted Upon ; after the

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human family and staying the duration of disease, shows that you

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